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  1. Chupa mais já tem 12 times, não tem?. Falta colocar a FBI ali na lista...
  2. @kazmightONFIRE news of when cup will start?
  3. this topic is only for the inscriptions of the teams NA/SA, please stop crying here.
  4. South, Central and North America only.
  5. Team Name: GODS ACADEMY Nationality: Brazil/Argentina Players: Luanzin,Black,Alivez,MonsterGOD,Fast Substitutional Players: Kort,Kiper Leader Contact: Luan#2047
  6. LuanzinGOD

    AR CUP

    Team Name: GODS Players:Rhz,Luanzin,Alivez,Black,Skz Leader(discord name):Luan#2047
  7. Team:GODS DELIVERY Country:Brazil Contact:Luan#2047 Squad:Luan,Alivez,RtbGOD,Rhz,Tommy RESERVES:RGA,KIPER,MAQUINADO,kort,reis
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