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  1. Hi, vet returning from a long break looking for a team. I mainly play EU PVP servers but I prefer Colorado PvP, either works though. I mainly play sniper but am an all rounder, huge G.I, english speaking (from australia)
  2. Those players 1080 jumpshot noscoping people aren't hackers my friend, they're players from other regions abusing their disgusting ping What they do is they pop down a shield, pretend to peek out for a shot only slightly revealing themselves in doing so making the other player with respectful ping go for a counter shot meanwhile on the other players screen they're back out of the shield and have taken their shot before you even see them go to pop back out. I don't see it any different as to lag switching. I just don't get it, so many people have left the game because of it, it is a huge ongoing issue that people aren't playing in their respective region. I get that their may not be many players in other regions and so people are resorting to playing other regions, but I know for a solid fact most regions pop hard when they're awake, but nah they think fuck it I don't want good ping I wanna go hide behind walls in EU, pop out quickly then back behind the wall then straight out on the head whilst on your screen you're back behind the shield and they're still behind the wall.
  3. I'm trying to play via Steam the same way I always play the game but it's coming up that "This account is already linked to a steam account"
  4. Where is the best spot to loot snipers right now?
  5. Nzor

    LF Open World Clan

    Thanks guys! Still looking, no luck with discord as of yet!
  6. I first started playing NewZ when it's user base was that of 10 people, I sold my PC just before it hit Steam release as I needed to focus more on real life, and I found myself playing over 10 hours a day. I have returned however, with plans to once more become an active member of the community, and play some good old fashioned Colorado PvP. With that being said, I need a clan. Please bear in mind I have only just returned, so my stats aren't godlike or anything I speak fluent english Servers: NA/EU Skill Tree: Full Reputation: -10836 - I am an active player with more than enough understanding of the game, I have a good G.I and I am mature, Message me if you'd like to pick me up (I will take no part in clans that 5 man camp spawns, it's boring)
  7. Nzor

    Forum Username

    Well, I don't know about "everyone" but myself: I made my username on the forums supa then realised my names already in use in-game, so I'd like my forum name to be the same name as my main char.
  8. Howdy guys, could anyone change my name here on the forums to “Darkex” please? I tried doing it manually but I guess it requires more permissions.
  9. I remember you from the old WSOY Teamspeak! Good luck on your search.
  10. Nzor

    low fps

    Your GPU is not the only thing that will effect your FPS, keep in mind, you may need a better core processing unit or more RAM, your HDD could also be slow, or you could have some junk software running in the background in return competing for resources.
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