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  1. I (personally) have had little issues with cars, so I guess I can't really complain :3 But yes, I would like to see the cars stay, and hope you guys can crack these bugs once in for all!
  2. Had a blast playing the event Already looking forward to the next one ^-^
  3. Amberfield


    Really weird shadow on the back of the NVG Fallen Angel.
  4. Amberfield


    The Karambit E-UNIT does not look like it does in the item picture. Would it be possible to make the skin itself more bright, so the red & blue colors stand out?
  5. Amberfield


    Fallen Angel NVG - There is a split shadow on the back of the helmet. Curved Rainbow Lightsaber - The colors are not at all what the item image paints it to be. Actually make it look like a Rainbow Lightsaber. Thanks
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