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  1. Greetings to the developers, I already have a time playing in the open world and I would like to make a suggestion, I hope you can take it into account. The issue is as for the zombies, these could be more dangerous, because they really are not a threat (except for the super zombie), that is, when you go through the area the zombies are very scattered and separated and it is very easy to eliminate them , besides that there are only zombies in populated areas. Our idea would be that the zombies were more and were more together, that way you could not fight with one at a time, or maybe there could be hordes, that way it would be a challenge to face them. Another point would be that there were zombies outside populated areas, on roads and in areas of forests, mountains etc, this is commented because we can not always find vehicles in the vicinity and consequently, we have to move to another area walking and the fact of just having to run becomes tedious. this on servers that are not private where you can take a vehicle in the inventory. We want to mention that we make this suggestion because being a post-apocalyptic world of zombies, one of the worst threats in the game is not always the zombies but the players themselves, making one more cautious to find other players than the same zombies , and we believe that it would improve the survival issue. I hope you can take it into account and I thank you in advance for your attention.
  2. Hello!! I have a question and I would like your help. When I find a car, how do I carry it in the inventory? I'm new in the game!
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