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  1. hi there, nice patch. but know i am not able to play in any server or any mode. i can get to player model, change stuff, but as soon as i try to enter any server game shuts down. and i mean total shut down, like back to desktop, without any error messages ?????????
  2. the slicer is easy too kill on your own and there is a glitch that if you get other zombies to come to it, the slicer freezes and no longer goes back or chases you, that unless you move then the other zombies move and all starts again as normal
  3. I totally agree, you see so many people just bunny hoping without aiming yet its a head shot every time
  4. Today i am finding the game harder to play as i am freezing and stopping all over the place. frame rate can 80 then drop down to 46 or lower but only for a split second, but it repeats over and over again. if i am in EU OPEN WORLD SERVER 4 its ok but the rest its start stop start stop. Just wondered if theirs an issue.
  5. krull

    New Zombie

    Could we not have wolf,s in the game that roam around, maybe in packs of say 6 plus that can hunt you buy sound etc etc not too hard to kill.
  6. I think is a very good idea, i would also like too see if possible the snipers mechanics revamped, as in the game a sniper can kill you in the head while jumping around next too you without aiming. That must be a glitch or the mechanics are off. Oh and its nearly always a head shot.
  7. For my opinion I would like to see the new Zombie, have a very random spawn, be it in the forest or city. At any time any place as many as you like, have the the ability to Rome around, this would make players explore more of the map, make PvP players look over there shoulder, and not just blast away all day with a sniper, just cos they have loads of ammo. They as other players will need to keep an eye out for them roaming around,
  8. i have read with interest this thread, and agree totally. I play on my own, not because i am not friendly but because i cant use discord etc so i cant talk to players. I therefore camp out, all over the map, never cheating to hide, i use whats in the game. But soon as the heavy macros users and large clans that rely on there macros to win, get killed , they complain, and its you that gets a warning. You tell the devs about players who just dont die due to the macros and nothing is done. I have watched clans kill each other, you kill one and they move to another map or server. Yet i am told it does not happen. I have noticed that some clans appears to have a player who has ESP in game. and you just cant beat them. I have also found players with supper high ranks, but no actual skills. you shoot at them when there on there own, and show no skill, even at killing zombies, its not one hit its 2 or 3, i e no skill tree yet shoot them and they take a lot of hits. A for snipers and this bunny hopping scam, i have notice that even i have killed players that should never have died, i have shot with a proper aim and there died . I understand that is the AI but shorly they can get it a little bit more accurate. And i also had a server for several years, spent a lot, but after pasted events i have not reordered it nor have i invested in the game with GC. i have also cut down on my play time, its still a good game, and still has legs, but i think its loosing its way a little. I used to be a moderator for an EA game so i can pick up in game issues, and they just left and forgotten about . May be one day a guys.
  9. krull

    Winter 2019

    i have played in two locations i have found, for over 12 hours. I have the two snow men sprays coming out of my ears , i can open a shop to sell the bayonets and shovels, but i have only found 3 crystals, i have found four boxes and opened only to find more sprays again. I even bought boxes, to get spray, bear hats , one crystal. Normally you go to these places and theirs a Que, But this one , its noby no mates. In 4 days i have only seen 1 person.
  10. Macros are all subject to a ban. its getting common for people to get shot in the head and just med and kill you. and i mean head shot with sniper. i almost never get killed on the body its always the head. you see players jumping around like mad, never stop, but hay kill you with a head shot at 400 mtrs. there is a lot more going on than is detected.
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