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  1. ask level 30 for a skin sig556? Do you realize that they are like 2 weeks of farm with 2 servers and an extreme account? they should have thought of reducing by even level 20 = 100 000 exp
  2. ayer busque ese chaleco y no lo encontre, deberian hacer q sea mas comun su spawm
  3. escucha lo que dice si menciona la nacionalidad e insulta la madre en otros videos me da risa pero ya es siempre merece ban
  4. dokho y manaos clan DKR sempre falando merda !!!! eu tem 2 videos mais ele nao comprende ele precisa de banee 1 semana https://youtu.be/I9nSOrjvTEM https://youtu.be/X1C_LBFYtoM
  5. Game since Fredaikis launched the game even before, I am a constant player.
  6. Game since Fredaikis launched the game even before, I am a constant player.
  7. if it's only 5 seconds and it's allowed because you cry me?
  8. jugadores busteados no tienen ban nisiquiera se les borra el jugador busteado tiene 1 año, el top 1 y 2 de villanos tienes -36k asesinatos y el tipo que no tiene reputación no figura en ninguna tabla tiene 52k de asesinatos ? nunca se investigo nada tampoco se hizo nada rank 1, rank 2, rank 5 booster https://gyazo.com/fedc3954e8430a5a6bb8d43cbe0bf1f2 https://gyazo.com/80faf3509f1c97a74c9ba5e2b67bf444 https://gyazo.com/a1df6e1373e26c839c104dc6b6195f1b
  9. They should raise the prize each one wins 300k - 480k if we only participate in a group of 2, they should go up to 1m each, as before or even double the current one. in the pvp server a lot of loot is spent and people stop playing alone because there is no where to win gd and the GD prize in the real battle is really a misery. if they ask for the opinion of the players I do not think that not one of them thinks differently, keep that in mind.
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