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  1. Stinemenites, Let's roll we live time to bring in this Friday with some fun, and get's us some Community Boxes together! Best of luck to everyone and let's work on the Weekend Event in style. Hope everyone is having a great day as you should be, see you all on the stream and lets do this! Thanks, Stine
  2. You are the reason I don't get lost when I travel! LOL thank you so much for this!
  3. ^^^^^^ Make sure you noticed Survival Fans! ^^^^^^
  5. It's always a good day when you are given another day to call a good day!

  6. Well I don't do it to be a troll, I was doing it to show that you can still have fun with atypical guns. The items in the game can still be used to enjoy the PVP environment even if you don't have the best of the best. I have a blast in the PVP area of the game and I am more of a PVE player at the core of everything lol. You know I the B93R I have used quite a bit and it is really a great weapon! I might have to consider looking into the BadaBoom's, to this day I have yet to set one of them off... Shame on me, I'm going to have to do that and experience it on the stream. Thank you for the reminder on that point hahaha!
  7. Aye, Just something I put together for the chat in my stream for fun and figured I would share it here with everyone to enjoy and perhaps get a kick out of it as well. You need to just enjoy each day for the day, don't take things directly to heart as it's never truly that serious. Enjoy, Stinefelt
  8. Greetings, I want to give you all a chance to come visit the Stinefelt stream to learn some Stinelanguage and to enjoy some Stineaways! They are random during the stream so you might want to pay attention so you can be the first one to win that awesome reward. You can get a head start by checking out my stream located ( click here ) so you can follow and receive notifications when I'm online, or use the time under this nifty image that is designed to clearly let you know your one goal! Thank you all, look forward to helping you get some community boxes while having some fun online! FOLLOW TO GET NOTIFICATIONS See You Soon, Stine
  9. It's a giant event where gamer's alike gather to explore game's / developers go to showcase their creations.
  10. Any weekend that I can get double GD is a great weekend, and it's good to see the GAMESCON push is huge! This helps to really bring more players to the community, thank you for thinking to help keep things growing for all of us so we have something to continue enjoying.
  11. Double GD Weekend, this is what you call a strike while the iron is hot weekend! Now if only my PayPal would stop running from me, get back here!!! ARGH.... almooooost got it!
  12. Well don't know about everyone else, I sure enjoyed farming up some double GD this weekend!
  13. Aye Survival isn't dead, all are welcome to test their pitch fork abilities! EAG Facebook Event Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1965974910142255/
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