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  1. Friends, We now have today to share together and to express our fun, enjoyment of the game together! Come hang out on the stream of all streams for a good time and to collect ya some awesome community boxes. I love to just post here that I'm online to share my time with you, I would like to help one person today with 30 days of premium, if you are that first person to ask in the twitch chat. I will honor that request just simply ask don't have to beg, and if you arrive just ask if someone has already asked me. Thanks, Stinefelt
  2. I wanted to thank everyone whom took the time to tune into the stream, took a moment to say thanks here or good luck, and just acknowledged in general. Each day that we get is an amazing thing and I am very thankful to have that to spend here with a wonderful community of individuals like you all.
  3. Friends, Today I am going to be farming some zombies in the Infestation NewZ and invite you to come along and join in on the fun. Come hang out on the stream of all streams for a good time and to collect ya some awesome community boxes. Once you join just do !server to get the info to farm along. Thanks, Stinefelt
  4. Thank you for all whom joined me in the stream, I had a good time with each of you. - Stinefelt
  5. Friends & Family, We are live and running on this wonderful Monday that we all have been given, though some it is Tuesday lol! Come hang out on the stream of all streams for a good time and to collect ya some awesome community boxes. Thanks, Stinefelt
  6. Friends, We are going to go live to give out some good vibes and hope that everyone can just have a good time together. Come join in on the fun, music, dance, and sing along! That was an invitation as in like why are you reading click HERE <---- click, thank you all for your amazing support. Thanks, Stinefelt
  7. It's not a problem just making sure that I understand and the feedback here is reflected as best as possible! So the hardware in your region you feel is not the same as it is in other regions? So you try to play on the other regions because you feel the performance is better than in your own region? I would suggest that you could open a support ticket with the NewZ team to express your concern around the server provider they utilize for your region and that they could investigate it further to see that it is meeting their expectations. Again I'm just seeking to understand so I can narrow down the best way to explain this in feedback to the developers.
  8. To my understanding car's are no longer just sitting around in the open, you can now loot them like a regular item again via normal loot item on the ground. This was also done to help improve performance on the servers. The rate in which they were introduced back to the community was at a very high rate to bring awareness, however that was trimmed down very quickly also having to do with some serious bugs that were found. Now that most of the bugs have been fixed they have returned and also with a normal occurrence in the loot tables from what I have noticed. Not an official statement this is just from my own observation. I have looted three vehicles this week so far and that for me is a pretty good week.
  9. I think you have to formulate the loot based on the population of the server because the survival servers have seen an increase in players. So if the players are increased in the survival servers and the loot is rare, you have to have a slight increase in loot or your players will die. If you don't increase the loot, players just die from not finding anything, there is no challenge, it's just death! Players then leave because there is again no challenge, it's only death! The loot is fluctuated based on player numbers if that helps! There is going to be times where the server isn't as full you could log in and feel oh my look at all this loot, and I would encourage you to invite more of your friends to join in on the venture with you.
  10. Aye Greetings and nice ideas, some of these have been tossed around quite a bit. There have been some teasers posted on some different zombies, so that I can tell you is already in the works. The team has been working on bug squashing for quite some time to iron out play-ability. Systems that introduce weather or additional conditions are really cool though they change the overall mechanics of the game from the intended intent, and would have to be weighed very heavy in consideration as you introduce further bugs and glitches. I know the competition system is a sore subject for most as I have see here on the forums. However I look at the work going into the other systems to enhance and correct them. I can then look once the team gets the proper vision aligned with these modes, imagine once they are fully dedicated to the Competition Mode! It's going to be absolutely insane to see and experience this, and the FAC has quite some work ahead to ensure that this game mode is truly fair and ready for players to embrace. Please continue to share your ideas, and think of some cool solutions as well that you could toss in with your ideas.
  11. Thank you very much for the quick turn around time on the bug fixes with this update and for taking the community feedback. If I could speak for the community I would give a huge THANK YOU for all of the new content from everyone. Truly an amazing 2.23 update, and might I add not many issues so nicely done! Thank you again and I LOVE THE HP bars on the SUPERS aka SILVER SURFERS lol.
  12. The team has done circles in gathering feedback from the community and pointing players in the right direction to receive support. So with that, I don't know your location or system even your connection? If I am understanding what you are saying is that even if you connect in your own Region, you get disconnected due to lag issues?
  13. Friends, I put this together to help anyone out that want's a quick overlook and just things I do in general. Hope this can help someone should you have an issue and this helps please share with a friend as well. --- Patch 2.23 Stinefelt Touch YouTube Style ---- Thanks, Stinefelt
  14. Thank you team for the additional time on our premium for the small downtime, however the content added was well worth the wait!
  15. Friends & Family, Today we get the joy of playing our favorite game and spending time with each other in the best stream ever with so much action, music, and fun! Look forward to saying hello to everyone in the stream, really you are what makes the difference each day so thank you! Thanks, Stinefelt ps: We Live
  16. NETO welcome to the forums bud, and yes we will TAKES it all lol. ======================================================================== Community Members, Thank you all for joining in on the stream I am very thankful for your time and the fun you add to the stream. Thanks, Stinefelt
  17. This type of support you would need to open a support ticket, not something that could be addressed here on the forum.
  18. Community, We have so much excitement today in prep for the patch 2.23 with some great bug fixes, new items, and armors! Super excited look forward to seeing the amazing elements take place and adding more to the stineaway opportunity for the community. Be sure to check out my twitter @eagstine for ways to communicate with me when I'm not streaming or if you just want to say hello, or youtube @eagstine as well. I look forward to a hi and hello or a woah what it is! Come hang out in the StineStream for some music, laughs, and to catch some good vibes today! Thanks, Stinefelt
  19. This is absolute HYPE! Thank you for all the work put into delivering additional content, bug fixes, and helping to give more back for our enjoyment!
  20. Community, Thank you all for your amazing continued support as we continue to have fun killing zombies and sometimes other well players at times. I hope everyone is doing good from the weekend event as we all love that Double GD, I will be in Nato to collect that 5% from everyone hahahahah. Be sure to stop by the stream for a good time and some of them fancy drop boxes. Thanks, Stinefelt
  21. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that tuned in for the stream and took time to help bring zombie hordes to me or silver surfers. I am very thankful for each individual on the Server that likes to help me out and other members on the server in the community here. Thank you all so much!
  22. Greetings, It's time to kick start the Friday fun as we jump in to farm the weekend event with the the amazing double GD and skinbox drops from the SZ! Look forward to the fun with all you amazing people! Thanks, Stinefelt
  23. Good because the weekend event made my weekend, however my wife appears to be lurking in the shadows....
  24. Well that takes the fun out of running into one by random, and let me tell you there is nothing more fun then saying oh crap when you do! Just go out explore and you will find what you are looking for that you will find.
  25. Thank you to everyone whom took the time to stop by and have some fun. It's always wonderful to see new folks pop into the stream and it's always amazing to meet new folks.
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