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    Night Vision

    Hi. Night vision in New Z has been bothering me for a while but i stuck with it for as long as i could, but i cant anymore, the night vision is way to bright, so bright it hurts my eyes, can you please make it darker and not so extreme, it would help me and many others. Plus on the up side it would make it more fun! Personally i would prefer no night vision as i think it would multiply the thrill of this game.
  2. this is the shit i have to put up with more then 9 times every time i want to play, after seeing this bullshit more then 9 times it lets me stay... anything going to be done about it???
  3. yes i am pissed off because i actually enjoyed this game till the new problems started
  4. i see antilag has created what i knew it would...PROBLEMS!...notice how the game acts all funny in loading screens, and how it crashes more often, yea thats what happens when cry baby bitches get their way. so now new z is not worth playing anymore, the crashes and errors and disconnecting where it shouldnt has made loading into the game un-bare-able. but its okay let the cry babys come defend the thing that makes them "better" players when they know they suck balls but are to coked up by the sack to admit it! im done trying to fight for this games survival let it die if you want to, i will no longer be attempting to make suggestions to make the game welcoming to ALL of the world and not just the head up the ass british who think lag is why they suck and are in need of a wake up call,to all the cry babys, the sun dont shine outa yo ass boi...deal with it
  5. looks awesome!! 10/10 for the rework of trees, that looks absolutely amazing!
  6. my ping always moves between 197 and 217
  7. ??? where do you think south africans play? EU is the only option for us well was the only option till this update, now the only option is to forget infestation
  8. and so thanks to all the little whining Bitches who blame lag when they actually suck at the game now i'm forced to never come back to infestation as is every other country that are in the EU region but not close enough for low ping, cos where is africa??? is it close to HK? NO!, is it close to US? NO! but now every time i go into a server i am disconnected because it tells me i need to go to my region EU IS MY FUCKING REGION! there are no african servers so there is nowhere else to go but hey new z clearly wants less players because they cater to the needs of the weak (all the cry baby's) if you want to cry about something like lag then maybe you shouldn't be playing online games but i know there's nothing i can do about it and that no one cares about one persons opinion regardless so this is goodbye! what you shouldve done is temporary ban thai's that are in regions where they dont belong, not force everyone else to leave because of the thai lag abusers
  9. so the lag abusers punishment gets worse as does those who have high ping with EU being our region server, so this mean the game will be even more unplayable and its all thanks to the thai lag abusers cos lets be real who else lag abuses?? but hey one voice never counted right so why start today? i just hope all the cry baby's that whine about lag know what their tears are doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzpndHtdl9A
  10. this is a exciting giveaway indeed! the prizes are out of the world and i love it, even if i don't win it! Keep it up and we love you!
  11. if thats what you believe then you are stupid beyond and you should do this community a favor and leave with you senile, degenerate mind. take care now, bye bye then
  12. the problem is that everyone thinks this is a dying game, but this game still has quite a few years ahead of it with profits to be made, as long as anti-lag gets disabled, there are many who wont dispute the anti-lag issue because they believe it will be over looked and they don't want people to fight them on it like Freddy D is doing, hes defending something that does not affect his game play which is absurd. so instead they just stop playing New Z like the friends i referred who are now all gone except one, i also noticed that all the south africans that i used to see in game are no longer there, if that doesn't open eyes then i see no future for this game. So to everyone else who decide's to jump in where they have no say because they know not how it affects others who are high ping players NOT BY CHOICE (so please don't say something stupid like fix your ping because i'll say okay give me a ping spanner and i fasten the loose bolt -_-) there are country's out there who have high ping ALL THE TIME for all you none believers. So i'll say it loud and clear WE HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING BETTER PING UNLESS WE MOVE TO A CLOSER COUNTRY And to all the assumers, not all lager are thai lag abusers
  13. no my friend it is you who thinks he is right, you are happy with anti-lag so here you are trying to make sure it stays, regardless of what it is going to do to the future of this game
  14. i could say the same about yours. And i don't think you low ping players are disadvantaged at all, i think you like to cry when you lose and you want everything to be easy even if it means pushing the game (you claim to like yet are trying to kill) to extinction...
  15. i also notice upon shooting at a player that the first few bullets that leave the gun don't even show a hit marker it takes me at least 15 bullets to kill someone at point blank with a M4A1. when i get stuck in a pvp zone i die about 4 times before i get to kill someone and its not because i'm noob, it's because i can't react that fast (no human can) lagging already delays what i see and now its worse because now even if i respond in time its to late and i die.
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