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  1. I bet 50$ Moderators don't give a sh*t what you wrote But I like it +1
  2. They got me in a clan and after 10 mins banned from ts for no reason ? No point to apply as I see
  3. Rep: -26k Country: Lithuania Age: 16 Game Experience with I:SS, NewZ, or other emulators: Good Why you want to join: Cause I want to pvp
  4. Answer the pr msg


  5. Well its a problem with my rep but I play good
  6. 1. Screenshot of all your chars with the KDR of your Main Char!- http://prntscr.com/gdlam92. Rate your skill from 1-10.7-103. Please make some screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here- http://prntscr.com/gdlas3- http://prntscr.com/gdlavp- http://prntscr.com/gdlb0c4. Have you been in any clans previously?- No.5. How old are you?-166. Where are you from?- Lithuania7. Can you speak good English? Tell us a little story about you!-Yeah I speak english good. So my real name is Gustas. I am from Lithuania and i'm 16 years old. My hobby is football 8. Why should we accept you?- Why shouldn't you ? 9. How did you hear about High & Hungry?- I was looking for a clan cause Im a solo player, I came to forum and I saw this post 10. Do you Agree to follow all of the clan rules?- Yes, I do.
  7. This is perfect for inventory: 1. Make a button that takes out ammo from the guns and puts it in AMMO SECTION(like unskin all) 2. If you did unskin all button so make SET SKIN BUTTON for any weapon and arrmor. 3. Make a button STACK AMMO. When you click it all the bullets stacks in one (EX: SVD10(7)x2 and SVD10(6)x1. You click that button it makes 2ammo's(10bullets). **OTHER** Make (auto skins selling). There is a lot of skins that everyone haves and they are just staying in our GI. Pointless. Community>Friends>Click ON Friend>Join Friend(its not working). Community>Clans>MyClan(Make clan owners and moderators on the top). Sometimes you need to see who is moderator and stuff(Also make rep from highest to lowest) Fix the Shank
  8. So make different clocks for different servers. Issue solved
  9. So Idea is to create a in game clock that shows time in all different servers. In pvp,and warm up its always day. But make clock that shows you Official Servers time. For example: 12:35.15(Day), 03.17.32(Night) Players will know if they need NVG or not.
  10. The idea is about Official Server. After you die in the same server 2 times you get 10 min coldown. Because everyone is re-joining back very fast and you getting killed from no one knows where. This is what I think so don't judge too much
  11. So I decided to write this suggestion ,because it will be good for all off players The idea is: After you die you will spawn in different place around the city you died in. It means that people who killed won't know where you spawned and won't be able to spawn kill you. After you die on red dot you woan't spawn on green but you will spawn somewhere around the Builder.
  12. Hello. So I decided to write this suggestion ,because it is going to be better for all of players. There is a lot of skins in players GI's that just being there and its no point to have them. Because players have these skins and you won't sell them on lounge. So my suggest is to create a shop that you can put skin and sell them for half market price(or something like that). These skins will disaper and we(players) will get extra money for that cause getting money in this game is not easy when you don't have PR server and Premium.
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