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  1. Let's see who's first reach max -rep. xd
  2. i must say sounds good.
  3. More PVE in the Events. Sounds good for new player!
  4. San pavel & west oakes :3
  5. Still waiting for a Rockyford only Weekend Leaderboard.
  6. Finally Kero can make full skilltree in Survival.
  7. @GrimesJR also a good point to be honest.
  8. u are just to lazy to farm u poor bambi :kappa:
  9. i would prefer 3 minutes for premium & 6 minutes for normal player. BECAUSE!!!! - when you die as a premium player, you can watch the deadscreen 50 Seconds and after the Screen ends, you have only 1:30minutes left to respawn. Thats honestly way to fast for rejoining.
  10. @SullyStackz EXP Grind ? ?!?!?!?!??! btw yeah, you dont play PVP Server. So why u give a goddamn talk about it when u dont care? typical nonsense. Cant take this ppl serious. btw; use this -> . , ? ! my eyes bleeding when i read garbage like this
  11. very cool ! +1
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