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  1. I remember this back when WarZ first came out with private servers, loved it then, love the idea now, once my clan gets up and rolling for NewZ im sure we will be interested in joining.
  2. About Team Fortitude Team Fortitude is a community of gamers who care more about having fun and just being chill, rather than winning, getting kills, and dying. We are a fairly new clan as we havent been around but for a few months but we are steadily growing with over 50 members as of right now. We currently only play fortnite but are branching out to The NewZ since we find the game as a fun mix up to get away from a BR game. If you are okay with helping a new clan continue to grow and strive for success then keep reading and see if you meet the requirements! What We Are Looking For In Players MUST BE 16 or older Must have a working Mic No Raging No Multi-Clanning No stealing another players loot. If he gets the kill gets first dibs on loot No Disrespecting Other Members or Staff No Cheating/Hacking Doing So Will Have You Kicked From Clan And Reported with Proof. HAVE FUN!!! This is the most important of all Rules, just try to have fun and dont worry about dying. Still Interested? Fill Out The Following Application And Myself Or A Recruiter Will Get Back To You! Age?: Region?: How Many Hours A Week Can You Be Active?: How Could You Better Our Clan? PvP or Looting?: In Game Character Names: Account Name:
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