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  1. They could take advantage of when fixing the cars errors, and let them appear with low amount of gasoline (something around 20% or less). The gallons of gasoline should only fill one part of the fuel tank and not all of it (Something around 10%) as with the repair kits
  2. I may even be mistaken, but only a minority asked for the cars to be removed, most complain about their stability. Only ZK and Dragster are stable. The Buggy and the Quadricycle are impossible to control. Humvee's got a job to control. So much so that in the feedback post about the cars, they only had complaints about the same stability. Unless the complaints are on Facebook or twitter, they are the means that I do not follow. Groups in Battle Royale Great work. Splitting between rooms of single and group players will be pretty cool. Too bad friends just log in at night. I can not wait to get the guys together and pull the trigger
  3. An output for creating the mode, would be with the fusion of the global inventory of the current mode Survival with the inventory of the open world mode. So no one would lose their withdrawal hours in survival mode. About the characters: could be deleted - or else migrated, their xp points zeroed and they would receive the amount of xp gained to redistribute in the open world mode's ability tree. - or keep the characters in survival mode, preferably with xp zeroed. If in the migration of the characters, the player ended up with more characters than allowed: - Those with less xp or days of survival would be deleted Then the survival mode would be reset and restarted. I agree with the staff that survival mode should be more difficult. Firearms should be much rarer. White weapons draw if you keep. The remedy withdrawal is slightly reduced. No remedy should be overturned by the zombies. Craft item hold maintained, or slightly raised relative to current level. Increased the zombie population in general. In Oregon there are some places where the service is good and there is no zombie. The rare places where there is a good serve, must have the population of china of zombies and super zombie. I think it's just for now. If I remember anything else I'll come back. Sorry for my weak English.
  4. I believe the clan system is very welcome. I think quantity has to be low of members, I do not know when it is in the open world, something that does not exceed 10 members would be good. I liked the idea of separating servers with and others without clans, it would be a way for new players to get acquainted with the game without that crazy old-west clan wars. Although it is not official, clans in survival mode already exist and are very active, at least whenever I enter the game has members of the clans, be it farm or killing itself by territories chosen by them. I do not know in other servers, but in the SA always has clans recruiting new players. Sorry. I'm so bad English.
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    Maps - Survival

    In oregon I get caught a lot, I have a lot of locking and direct the game falls, when it does not close. Already in Colorado, everything normal, enter and play normally. Kill, die, farm, die and lose the farm, kill the Super Zombie ... all practically like a beautiful world-ending morning
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    Nothing yet?
  7. I really liked your ideas and I share them positively. I also think of some suggestions, but it usually gives a lazy write everything.
  8. It reminded me of the Snes Doom game. When you play in the easiest mode, the game monsters scream from a distance, and you already know someone's coming. In the most difficult mode, monsters only scream on two occasions: if they realize that you saw it, or when they are already hurting you. It's a fright after another. I liked your idea.
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