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  1. let's wait, while there is tomorrow and those who still stay in the game and they see that it's not worth doing anything anymore because the money of the players are in skins of other games that do something, update more etc But anyway we will wait kkkkkkk
  2. ctrl + c ctrl + v aff so this is the game, being a skin game and many going out to other survival games much more current q this looks like we are playing the 2013 games down
  3. Battle royale needing solo and group mode, taking crash all the time, incautious zoombies, map locations that nobody goes for not having something better or at least super zoombies or some new ms only think of skins
  4. Already have some prediction for the two modes of the game?
  5. complicado pq as vezes eles somem "os corpos" e não da pra matar como vc fez no vídeo nos 3 caidos
  6. Servidores PVE faltando onde encontrar? É só eu ou outra pessoa?
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