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  1. my shield last for less than 10 seconds because it takes a little bit longer to load, okay no problem, there is still sometime to run away, but right when i am about to run into cover at the start of the game there is snipers behind me, in front of me, everywhere, it doesnt matter where it is, calliwood, colorado, pvp maps, its all the same thing, people camping the spawn. This is why i quit this game years ago, i couldnt get into the game without getting camped by entire platoons or even loney snipers, as soon as i start to run someone kills me, not time to get cover. What a shame this is still a problem 2 years after i returned to this game. Why its so hard to create a spawn system that you will be safe to get into position?? its not even worth taking weapons or shield to the field since u will be camped to death by snipers just for your can of soda. I feel like quitting again because this is a problem that shouldnt be around for so long. I would be happy spawning in a different location everytime, as long as it cannot be camped by snipers i will be happy. Its too hard to get into a new spawn location and find a place to run as fast as u can without getting killed before getting in there. This problem needs to be adressed.
  2. okay thank you heartbreaker. I will submit a ticket now. But i hope in the meantime people comment here and tell their experiences or if possible answer my question. thx
  3. Hello guys, i was in the open wolrd collorado today when i saw a vehicle called "stryker" and then i took some 5 minutes looking around on prone mode before finally going up there and stealing the vehicle. Then i drove up a mountain in a complete isolate place (hard vehicle to drive, slow and bad at turning/steering) and then after i exit the vehicle i look for the key to pick up the vehicle to my inventory. I searched on the internet to see what was the key to pick up the vehicle and then i pressed the key F5, but i pressed F5 the whole time and nothing happens, i even hold it for 10 seconds and nothing happened. Then i looked in the key binds in the option menu, and found out F7 fix vehicle position, i pressed F7 and the car was teleported!!! Then right after that i pressed F5 again and got banned for cheating????? ???????? i got banned for cheating for trying to pick up a vehicle and i couldnt even pick it up.... Fair enough i stole it from someone, but i thought that was normal in this game (its a joke). But seriously, i got banned after i pressed F7 or F5, not sure. Fortunaly i could get back to the game, it wasnt a permanent ban. MY QUESTION IS: Will this game get me permanently banned someday for no reason ??? Or is there a number of times u get banned before u get permanently banned??? Because if thats gonna happen it makes no sense to keep playing this game (i am deeply concerned). I have tons of items i spent so long time looting, found even an interesting guillie clothing today after i killed the master zombie. I need someone to answer me if i risk losing my account for no reason like that, because if thats the case i will start to get worried.
  4. please help me, i have just come back to play this game after 2 years away so i am not quite familiar with the recent changes. The problem is that i was in varo conteiner (extreme south of the map in colorado) when i saw this guy sniper from afar, then since i had clear vision of him but didnt have any long range weapon to counter him, i just hid behind a protection but got hit twice until i died....I was in one of those "mini towers" that have some cover in the entrance of the tower where it meets the ladder. I am 100% sure to be completly covered, and i was prone, but he kept shooting and it seemed to penetrated the protection and killed me anyway. I dont know how he knew i was there in 1st place, dont know if its hacks but anyway, he shot me through a wall (actually thinner than a wall, but its an obstacle for the bullets) So is it possible that he shot me through the wall or he was just hacking???? thx and help me plz!!!
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