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  1. indeed started it back up, uploaded not long ago like 17 hours ago got 1k views without any help or sharing.
  2. Hey guys, i thought i would offer a new kinda service. i dont think anyone does this so i shall fill the gap. as a content creator and as a youtuber i have ads that run on my video but they dont really benefit me or you guys, so i had an idea why not sell ads myself so this is what i offer, there are 2 ad spaces on all my videos on at the start and one at the end im selling these to players to promo anything they want so if your a trader i can promo your store and help you get more buyers, if your a streamer i will shout-out your channel and help get you some new followers if your a clan owner and you want more members i will promote your clan and get you some new faces! this is a new kinda thing i am testing out just to see how it works, i upload 2 times a week and each video gets minimum 1k views but i get anywhere from 1k-3k views per video thats upto 3,000 people that will see your ad so its awsome exposure and to make things better im an ISS only channel so everyone who watches my videos plays or likes ISS so its the perfect audience! you can buy ad space via PM there are 2 kinds a quick shout out this lasts 5-10 seconds were i say who you are and what you do and i leave your links in the description or the longer ad that lasts 30 seconds with this i shout you out give my review of your service or channel and promo your links on social media also (i have 4k followers on twitter) this service costs ingame money and items no real money! im not scummy, this is just a service that helps me and you, i have already sold one ad space for my next upload that is tonight these things will sell fast! so just pm if you wanna buy and i will explain how it works and how much it costs!! this works for both survival and open world mode. My links : https://www.youtube.com/user/B3STxNuKeZz/featured my twitter is mainly memes but i have a lot of gamers that follow me! - https://twitter.com/yungcookbook i posted this on survival trading also just so everyone got there fair chance.
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