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  1. You have another large freaking issue. I spent some time this morning looting and such. I went to sleep and when I woke up, everything had bee rolled back! To be fair, I didn't lose much of great value, however I'd like to know why there was a rollback? I had 11 skull heads and a handful of pumpkins, along with a Halloween box. Anyways, just curious.
  2. Sorry, it's just I am pretty upset at not being compensated for this change like they promised is all. It might not seem like alot to some people, but after only one week of subbing and losing the reason I subbed in the first place leaves me angry.
  3. SHOULD have, did you not read my post? I got NOOOOOOTHIIIIIING GC wise for compensation! And I had only been Deluxe for one week, so that should have been quite the compensation
  4. PLUS you have not addressed the bonus exp not being received issue either Mr Copy and Paste Removal of the skinboxes was a jerk move regardless
  5. I know about this, however I had already subscribed BEFORE these changes were made. I PAID for the before benefits before you people took them away, so I paid full price for Deluxe, and did not benefit from the reduced price. Ere go,m I either should be given what I paid for before the change or be compensated the 500 gc difference for not receiving the bfore benefits since the sub price was reduced. You people changed the rules mid sub, so you basically STOLE 500 gc from me and gave NOTHING in return. This is something I'd expect from the old dev team not you guys! And yes I read the last line, and I was not compensated!
  6. I have paid for a Deluxe subscription nearly a month ago. As of yet, I haven't received the Deluxe exp bonus and have NOT received the promised skinboxes in THREE WEEKS! What is this crap? You people have been giving me the same benefits as premium without the ones I actually paid for, please fix this.
  7. Well I mean if the tabs aren't going to be used, I'd suggest removing them really, it clutters the crafting window lol There is a ranged weapon crafting tab for example and no recipes. Or maybe add things to that tab like Crossbow, Double Barrel, etc that people could make (Double Barrel requires a Mossberg as crafting ingredient to make, crossbow, wood, metal, rope)
  8. Looks great! What program did you use to edit the video? Mine doesn't work anymore and Ive been working on a fun video project for NewZ
  9. And how exactly do I contact her? I don't know her forum name, she wont accept an in-game request, and she didn't acknowledge any attempts at asking about the invite during the stream I subbed. Could you ask her to message me please on the forum here?
  10. Positive, vehicle is totally stopped, I have NOT changed the bind keys in anyway
  11. So there are a few tabs that have nothing in them at all in the crafting window. Is this because more craftable items are to be added later? Or is this a leftover bit of coding from the previous incarnation of the game when the harvester tool was important?
  12. Personally I think the new map should ONLY be Survival, even though I do enjoy doing open world once in awhile. With the sheer size and scope of it, it seems like a perfect survival only map. And I agree, I almost exclusively loot the prison in survival and it is ridiculous. There should be ALOT more normal zombies (screamers, sprinters, etc) and AT LEAST one other super zombie to at least make the danger level match the loot level.
  13. I have tried literally every car as I stated lol But usually I end up finding a buggy or dragster most of the time. Also, I subscribed to Krissy's Twitch and did not receive the unique skins promised for subbing, learned or otherwise, could you look into this please? My game account is MrSuspiciousX
  14. Cars do not work in reverse. They just sit still while tires spin
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