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  1. Hello Boys, TSI & ISP made a PvP trailer for the I:SS 2020 release. here u can check it out:
  2. But you know that all the events are only for PVE player until now right? Would nice to see you private server boys more on official server
  3. Yeah they have different stats know, because it make no sense that 10 armors have the same damage reduction
  4. This limit was in the old survival mode too, idk exactly how many items u can store - but yeah there is a limit in your GI.
  5. We need more Barricades in I:SS 2020 as soon as possible, Shields was always a part of I:SS also the woodshields have only 150 HP and are easy to destroy & back in the days it was a normal item which u bought in the store & u also had the Riot Shields. In my opinion everybody should be able to bring 2-3 Woodshields each round - thats fair for everybody. Atm 90% of the fights are outside of the citys because ppl just spawntrapping each other or you go inside a ghostown & ppl hiding until u are 1 meter infront of them - thats just boring, lets make I:SS 2020 like the old I:SS and bring Shields back, we dont need riot shields or tons of shields BUT every round 2-3 woodshiels should be fine! (more common is not for me finable at helicrashes etc. , make them more common on normal spawns/superzombies/craftingsystem [only use nails&wood]) Here my Question: Are u down with that guys? I m sure it will bring more players back & ppl are not getting spawntrapped/camped so hard. And yes i know, we have arcade with shields BUT i wanna play a real ISS which have items with value, rare snipers & stuff like this, so arcade is no option.
  6. Im rdy boooooooooooooooooooys. #LetsMakeInfestationGreatAgain
  7. Will they stay forever or only for events?
  8. Yeah good idea, i like this
  9. ye i must say i was wrong - 30 people on it
  10. Feedback for Mirrorfield Double Speed: mirror fields is the most played pvp map at the moment, but i think this double speed will make this servers empty for this weekend so pls : make one mirror field without double speed, Thank you
  11. sure, they spawn - but on other places than in open world
  12. Yeah, you can get them from airdrops too. i think the best way is to kill alienzombie & loot airdrops, because i kill like 800 sz and get no sniper
  13. Can you guys change clearview double rep too mirror fields double rep? last time was clearview double rep and it was not famous poped
  14. Can u maybe fix the Custom Fallen Angels too? The back of the custom is moving/glitching if you move with the Character, it was back in the days fixed for the red fallen angel custom.
  15. we need the same with survival, just bring the old infestation survivor stories out with fredaikis anti cheat, i would be have much players.
  16. Lets test it out guys hype Edit: the menue & GI is running so smooth now
  17. can you make a limit of 10 people at clear v2 for clans and groups ? would be nice Good event so far sven, im waiting for next patch Edit: maybe on only 1 from these 2 server
  18. Nice, would like to see more people on the AR servers
  19. How about double Reputation + Double GD on Caliwood AR ? The pistol event sounds good
  20. For me, survival had a lot of potential at the beginning, but unfortunately I have to say that Survivor Stories did a lot more right than this survivalmode here. - a year ago i asked when gamedollar would finally come into survival, the answer was: never. - Open world servers were accidentally inserted in Survival and there are still people with AWPs and m200 running around because no rollback was made. - There are no riot Shields, which are part of the game. - The crafting system is largely useless, nobody collects 30 individual cartridges in order to craft a stanag. - It takes far too long to complete the skill tree, I was the first one who had hardnened in this mode & can still remember how many thousands of zombies I had to kill for it. - the loottable was unbalanced from the beginnig - zombies that can sprint are part of survival, You almost never die in pve. So all in all I have to say that unfortunately much more went wrong in survival than right and I (one who played a lot of survival) am in favor of this mode being taken offline & snipers in open world should be made as rare as in Survival and we will get together there. Even if it is a shame, because a lot of time and energy has been invested in the mode, you should really consider whether it is still worth working on this mode. The game has 4 different game modes + private server + pvp server + beginner server. The community is just too small for so many different modes & the power you pack in different modes, you could all invest in one. Make Infestation great again
  21. I personally think it's good that the ARs are being improved, but at the same time I have to say that they just don't feel good in my hand right now. How about if we reset the AR s settings and take care of the Snipernerf first, which is much more important in my opinion? Still, I think it's good that a balance is created, but we have to test things before you bring them into the game.
  22. Im hyped for the AR changes and the new pvp map. keep up the good work guys
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