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  1. madafakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  2. Hello there, I bought most of the characters and i cant use some of them because when i wear an armor or a helmet it clips out of the body or the head, and i really like the skins .. can you please fix them?! .. we buy that stuff cuz it looks cool and when it clips like that it feels like a waste of money .. :S and i have just gotten myself the new character Steve + the Mad scientist jacket / pants n head .. and when am using an inv backpack on him the Custom Gorilla, IBA and MTV clip .. and the rebel without cause character is bugged af with everything even helmets like his whole head sticks out of the helmet .. can we get a fix please?!
  3. This is the last time i will talk about this isse, 1st of all I help many new players and many of you know that and appreciate it and for that i am greatful indeed, that happened a couple of weeks ago when I recruted Harvey#1553 and Tobz#3109 to my group, The Assassins Creed Clan ACC it went fine till 1 day I was training some of the new members ACC Dan, ACC Anita, ACC Narcis, ACC Gabi and ACC Scout escorting them for safety showing them how to move how to hide and how to kill the super zombie when those 2 clowns Harvy and Toby wanted to PVP, when i told them that I wont PVP at the time they wanted to come and kill me and said it was to test the efficiency of my protection for my team, with a grain of salt i accepted and killed them both 4 times until they opened my safe By using the code which they saw on the stream when i was helping the other new members and used my sniper to kill then they died once again after that toby went on and killed all of the new guys because as he said you killed my friend so i kill your friends At that point all of the new guys got really pissed so i calmed them down and asked toby to stop so we can loot their items and give it back then harvey came back and killed me when i was looting their items so i kicked them both out of my discord server then they went to my locker and cleared it of the items including my 2 snipers the VSS and the M107 I didnt bother by that as i expected them do to such a move but the clan members asked me to give them another chance and invite them back to the clan if they give the items back, they did give the items back then again next day they stole it once again, I reported that to @Vintorez and he did compensate me and i am really greatful for that indeed! same goes for @Pilow and i am also thankful! Then those 2 clowns kept on coming and trying to kill the NEW players I have recruted till 2 of them actually quit the game! then once again yesterday they tried killing Anita and Mateo but I was online and both of them got killed, I went for a break then came back I find Anita and Mateo angry with me because apparently a character named Kris Wingate shot and killed them and they thought it was me! It was 1 of those 2 clowns how would I know that well its easy taking the time frame into consideration, well that alone gives it away, again i gave my friends the items they have lost, but my question is, is this kind of behaviour is acceptable in this community?!(edited) Should I wait for them to scam someone else, or what should I do at that point? I am getting really sick of this shit @Silenterror @kazmightONFIRE could you look into this if you may?! again this is the last time I would mention or talk about this I hope this gets resolved. @SurZeus @Arowsky @Egoist All the players mentioned can and wil testify if needed.
  4. Hello there, Hope you all lads are having good time and such. The name is Kris Wingates, I am 27 years old, British, From Manchester city. I am an S.A.T English teacher *Grades 11 and 12* High school basically. i am kinda new to the game, tried to play open world didn't really peak my interest so I am more focused on survival now, my name in game is ACC Kris .. ACC is the tag of my old clan .. Assassins Creed Clan, i have like 3 friends that play with me from time to time and all of us are looking for a decent clan to join yeah? I play daily normally unless there is something up at work or such, so thats pretty much all that i can think of. If you lads are recruiting i would like to join yah.
  5. Hello .. i would like to join ur clan
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