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  1. Not sure is this right section/place to report and is this eve bug, but.. I got "Iron Fist" achievment today but problem is i havent kill even close to the 1k zeds with fist.. I killed zeds only with nades and g36 today and i got that. Is that ach broken or what happened? And i have killed zeds with nades over 50000 i think, not sure how many with g36. Some reason countin g36 as bare hand kills maybe? Edit: Now i posted topic here, ill report 2nd bug related to server loading screen. Its almost always black or 90% black. This problem has been for me weeks now. Maybe months, not sure. Edit 2: Sorry, didnt saw there was "other bugs" section so u can move this there.
  2. Jermu

    Lounge PVP Glitch

    U can get stuck in this place (maybe this bug is in trade lounge too, not tested it) Few screens of that place so u can locate it https://imgur.com/a/FIDbUYk Edit: Also fix map of this area. In minimap u r at ocean, but u really are at island, dry sand
  3. Yea, i think i lost 750k money / 30SVD's couse of disconnect crash when trading... So cool Edited
  4. Yea its not working atm.. Idk is it that contarct or is it bugging becouse i have normal zombie contract activated on other character
  5. Getting "Disconnected from the server" every 10 min. Any1 else has same problem? Joined 4 times to server (2 times SA and 2 times EU) i get kicked in 2-5min. Not trying to join 5th time. Maybe later today more if i see post from Devs about problem is fixed.
  6. Renting server from Rental menu cost : 2351GC for 1 week, buying 1 week more time to the server whats running cost : 4032 GC. So it cost 2x more to buy more time than rerent server when it has ran out of time. That does not make any sense.
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