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  1. The saiga got destroyed completely, from the strongest shotgun in the old days to a completely useless gun
  2. I came back to see the update is and the game is so smooth now. Goodjob
  3. Wow, this is a lot of work.
  4. I need to win because i want to win
  5. Grenades are finally disabled in pvp snipe servers !!!
  6. Does those skins drop in Premium servers?
  7. Zombies @ radzones dont drop GD's
  8. That looks sick
  9. +1 to this a lot of ppl just spawning back without items or just nading
  10. Are you guys gonna bring back area 69 ? i wanna see that big SZ again
  11. Macro's for placing riot shields and using dx's are SADLY legal at this game
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