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  1. Just something I came across when watching a video of Glad. If this has been removed, i'd like to see it reimplemented simply because it looks cool What i'm talking about, Before: https://imgur.com/a/34WJu Now: https://imgur.com/a/rfWli I know that there are differnt kind of skinned tactical scopes out there, but what i'm talking about is that the swiss scope should get skinned to whatever skin your using on your gun, i.e. fun ots + swiss = fun ots & fun swiss. Glads' Video title: [Special 10k subs] Infestation The NewZ - Globaltage, at the 17:45 minute Mark
  2. Faffe

    Stuck spot

    Oh ye, my bad... for some reason I thought it was norad airport, and ridgeway military T_T
  3. Faffe

    Stuck spot

    North side of Norad at all the rocks, very hard to explain... Just a spot I found randomly while pvping, probably an easy fix. Hopefully the video will help you locate the it.
  4. Kudos to you Faffe for making this video and showing it to svena.. -Oh no problem man, just happy to help
  5. Can you hopefully increase the responsiveness of the hotbars, i.e pressing the hotkey for using DX. When you have your gun out, you press the hotkey to switch to dx, then you press the same hotkey to use it, but it usually takes 1 second for it to pop, even if you press it 4 times during this second. This makes cqc battle almost impossible for people without macro. What I am getting to is; press the kotkey twice->item is used (while not having dx currently equipped in your hands) NOT Press the hotkey x times (1sec delay) item used. Either i'm being delusional or there's some responsiveness issues.
  6. So for a few weeks now, me and my friends have experienced a bug where if people try to peek from behind a tree and shoot someone, neither the person getting shot or shooting will have their shots registered. For a more clear explanation; You shoot, get bloodsplatter, no hitmarker, no damage. Now, we really only play in Boulder, so I don't know if other people have experienced this outside of boulder, if you have, please share your experience in this thread. (Video proof would be the best) I can 100% confirm that it has nothing to do with render distances. Even if you walk up to this person on the tree, and start blasting him with an AR in CQC, no shots will still register. I sent Svena a video showcasing this bug on his stream, but I thought I might aswell post it here so we might get more eyes on this bug and hopefully figure out how to fix this. Note that the quality is S*** but the one clip I Implore you to watch is the one that starts at 3:37 ALSO NOTE: Some shots in this video are not bugged shots, but shots on people who are playing with 300 ping and therefore the shots wont register (might not be a bug but it is clearly more frustrating to play against) Thank you for your time and I hope my god awful english won't ruin your day
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