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  1. This word will open all the doors you need. There are so many desperate nerds out there with private servers you can play on. Just use your advantage here
  2. 1. No 2. I played about 25hours and payed 7,99€ so i guess that makes it kind of worth. But overall everything is a cash grab. 3. Low. 4. If you want PvE and Nostalgia. I doubt the game stays for long.
  3. Judging the quality of something by the amount of likes it has is the reason the freaking Kardashians are rich and famous. I would not build my confidence on online-forum-feedback especially when 99% of those likes are by the same two people. That`s next level confirmation bias -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias if you want to read more on that -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groupthink also relevant for your little gang Good luck demanding change based on your very personal needs. You will continue to cry anywas and I will continue to poop under your comments as soon as I see orange letters or the notorious "two likes" under each of you posts. P.S. Next NewZ Patch notes will look like this: "Lauchboy is rewarded a Lifetime- Extreme-Sunscription because e defended Steve in the forums"
  4. Like anybody outside of you three gives a damn about your little cry baby posts. Do everybody a favor and move on if you don't like the game. It's not like your private server farming will be missed
  5. It's funny how this thread escalated so quickly. The last few people that are passionate about the game fight for what irrational hopes to keep up. The inconvenient truth is that none of the above will ever become reality. This thing is over, donezo, finito. This cow is slowly going to die and will be milked until the last breath, Competitive has ZERO Playrate. That game mode was born dead. RiP Battle Royale only reliably starts around 8pm CST +/- 2 hours Survival does not have the players to sustain the amount of servers and size of maps. Also Survival struggles from the paradox between PvP and PvE Players as can be seen in this thread OW is cancer Call of Duty as Loot has about zero worth and there is only a hand full of players left that keep bashng heads day in and day out. There is no influx of new blood. There are only so many people left and the future outlook is crystal clear. They won't put any more effort in the game outside sales and weekend events. The last major changes will be the following: Further reduction of total server numbers to make the game feel less empty Shut down of all the minor regions and ultimately install EU as the universal servers for players still in the game Shut down of minor Game Modes known as "The Big Merger" where all game modes are put together in a last attempt to keep the engines running for a few more months. Final Shut Down. After this people will get nostalgic as it is typical human nature and wish they had played more and complained less. Enjoy the game for as long as you still can. The time you have is limited. Also please don't type in orange, that is stupid. Lauch
  6. There is really no difference compared to OW. I would even say BR gets even less attention and highly doubt they even touched it the last year. OW is all thats left for NewZ. You can never remove it without delivering the final death blow to the game. Competitive was and still is a waste of dev-time. Since Competitive was launched, I never managed to find a game... thats how dead it is from the get go. Not to mention that Competitive is about as fun as doing the loundry lol
  7. You can create your own clan btw. with Blackjack and Hookers
  8. You really can`t compare the 90$ titles like Borderlands or Red Dead Redemption to something like newZ. You can never win that comparison ever. Those are tripple to quadra digit production teams of experienced professionals that follow a plan, schedule and create a PIECE OF ART. Also keep in mind that building a new game from ground up is a whole other story than "recycling" an existing one by changing a few things on the surface without going into too much detail. Thats like saying a cheeseburger is worth 20$ because somewhere out there somebody is paying 50$ for a steak. The massive psychological barrier behind charging for something before the actual use is scientifically proven. You can look that up. Maybe you are willing to pay the 15$, but you are about as close to the devs as it gets and have a long history with the game and the company. It is about the average player, the masses that have no relation to you or the ones that only know Fredaikis` rather bad image in the games scene. (Please don`t try to negate that.... we are not in the elite circles by any means and this is ok). I have not seen the game and the changes made, but I try to judge based on what was done for NewZ since it`s start. I am pretty sure thats not worth the 15$ to most people even though thats the collective work of years. And once again the key to success is a big playerbase. The heavy payers and hardcore users will come with the masses anyways. And a launch that motivates as many people as possible to play is the single most important factor here. If you can generate twice as many players after week one, by rule of thumb the life time of the game will be roughly twice as long and vide versa if you only get half of the players involved. I don`t want to annoy anybody with my comments, I just fear that all your effort could be a waste just like if was with other things before (... cough cough... Oregon . cough cough.... Competitive..) It is true that I did not like the move in general. Fredaikis' ressources are about as limited as they can get. I always tried to convince myself whenever a bug appears that you guys are doing your best and working as much as you can. Adding another GAME without any significant addition in terms of personell will only lead to one of the following solutions for me You have to split effort between both games and NewZ as well as Nether will suffer. In an official statement it was said that NewZ won't be left behind, but we will see in a few weeks You can continue to work about the same hours on NewZ while adding a few hours a week for Nether. This would mean you didn't even try your best the last few years and make me sad as well.
  9. I have not played the game myself, but I have talked to people that did and I have done some research on the game and it`s history. Ultimately I would say that it toally depends on the finished product and your skill, ressources and intention to maintain the game. The general consensus is though, that an initial paywall (and charging money for a game is exactly that) is pretty much the most harmful thing when it comes to gaining or regaining players. It requires potential players to have some trust in you and your product. It involves a risk of "loosing" money if the game sucks and you dont want to continue playing. if the game is dope, it won`t matter, because players will come in after the initial offering and after there was a lot of amazing feedback. But is your product this good? You obviously evaluated the cosmetics option. And you are also 100% right that the chrome armor fallen angel or a banana suit are not a thematic fit in a game that priroritizes the survival aspect and is also played mostly by first world consumers that actually demand more quality that the NewZ playerbase from Thailand, Russia, Brazil and so on (sounds racist, but i have actually read scientific papers about that) Skins can still be a viable option, it just requires a freakin dope ass designer that has the skills to provide quality skins with a schematic fit. Different character models would definitely work imo Another way of monetarisazion is some sort of ingame shop. Surely survival does not really go well with the concept of pay to win. The inflation will devalue items and a key aspect of the game is the struggle for survival itself. But there are still ways to make it work. I can see things like XP bonuses if there is a skill tree, weekly or daily rewards for premium subscriptions like in NewZ, maybe a purchasable "starter kit" to give your loot run the kick start it needs. Of couse this is only icing on the cake and won`t earn you as much as if all players had to get behind a paywall, but this is sort of a long term investment. 100 people paying for the game is the same as 1000 people paying for little bonuses. If you dont think the above are realistic or enough, i would still recommend to start out with the game as f2p. You need to reach out for the old playerbase and give them a chance to come back. I can see some sort of trial phase where the first two weeks after launch are free to play or maybe make it so you can create an account and you can play for free until the first death so people can at least get into the game. If you have already played, if you already killed your first guy or grabbed a decent chunk of loot, you surely want to continue. That way its more likely for players to actually pay for the game. Ultimately it will come down to what you guys deliver anyways. A good game will succeed and a bad game will fail. Its just about probability and giving the whole thing a kickstart. I am absolutely sure that NewZ only lived for this long because of the initial kickstart in combination with a decent anti cheat. had you made NewZ accounts cost money, even just 3-5€, most of use would have never come back. Regardless of what you guys had to offer. This is ESPECIALLY harsh because Nether already had a relaunch with a paywall and a lot of people already made the mistake, already put their trust into somebody and got burned. You need to reach out for those and gain their trust by making the first step, by inviting them back in. By the way how is the marketing going? Is there a hype? Of course I dont expect you to pay for a freaking TV commercial, but have you talked to influencers, streamers, yourtubers, basically guys that once played the game and might come back at least for a little stay? I guess there is quite a few of them out htere just like this guy: We can talk further on discord if you want to Cheers hcuaL
  10. This is top notch in terms of skill and production value. If this game was successfull and had a decent playerbase, you could actually earn some money with this. Unfortunately it isnt and wont be... bad luck you
  11. You really think a paywall will be healthy for the game? I highly doubt that. The f2p argument might have been the single biggest (and sometimes even only) reason to start and re-start playing. But who am I to judnge. I mean NewZ is also running well despite my constant criticism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. So that is basically you, your girlfriend and that one 12 y/o kid that started playing recently after watching worldwarZ
  13. I know this is dedicated to Survival, but I will try and suggest a general re-design of clan territories here. To start up lets summarize the biggest problems of the flag system as it is currently working. The whole element is pretty dead outside of casual capturing when you happen to be bored. The big problem is that there is currently no reason to go for flags. Why is this? Well I have listed a few different things that all have an impact. - The reward stinks. In general, 10% shield can be really neat when you actually have pvp. But the radius is way too small and usually you can not force pvp after capturing a flag anyways. The clan territory ranking thing is also lame af - There are way too many flags. You dont need to compete for a flag if there is about 100 others to take for free. - Capturing is about as un-fun as it can get. 10 Minutes of intens standing still. - As soon as a flag capturing is contested, there is no chance to finish. You have to stand in that small circle, nowhere to hide and no way to withstand the attackers. You can not fight for flags. You either "steal" a flag uncontested or you dont stand a chance. So as I am not just known for my high level of complaining, but also as a genius in making incredibly intelligent suggestions while looking extremely handsome, here is my Lauchboy-Deluxe Rework Extravaganza to solve the problems mentioned above: To start off, lets cut down the number of flags significantly. I am thinking about 2 max for each map. I can also see a system in place where these flags rotate on a regular basis or spawn and despawn the way radiation does. The goal is to turn a clant territory into an objective. If a clan is holding a flag, you should be incentivized to go there and contest. So if there is only one flag per server, this is the place to go to. It will also make it impossible to get too many flags uncontested. Also we need to think about a general re-design of the flag radius and capturing process. For this I have prepared a short example in the ridgeway airport. The process of capturing Currently you have to stand in the red circle for the entire capturing process. This is not just ridiculously unfun as there is nothing to du, but also makes you very vulnerable. You can`t hide and as soon as there is somebody arround, you are basically food. Those 10 minutes of pure waste are as boring and wasted as it can get. On the other hand 10 minutes of capturing is really not enough time for anybody to react and come to compete. This is why I suggest increasing the circle to a size of approximately the green one while also increasing the capture time to 30 minutes. That is a long time, but at least you can move arround the area looting at least hiding. On one hand it will be more of an effort to capture a flag while being less boring and on the other hand it creates an opening for other players to actually come in and compete for the flag while not making it too easy as you can really hide and build your little stronghold. After you captured the flag This is also a vital point of the territory system. as soon as you captured a flag and got the shield bonus, why should anybody come in and fight you? There is nothing to gain. There is then also no reason for the defending clan to stay, the flag gets abandoned and the party is over. This is why the rewards have to be adapted and new rewards need to be added. The defending clan: - The shield bonus is fine. Never change a working line of code, Especially in newZ lul - You could also gain an advantage in terms of farming when you stay inside your little clan empire. I am thinking about more experience or higher gains in reputation if you defend the area from baddies. Those bonuses could also increase over time. If you manage to hold your territory for the whole evening, you deserve a bigger reward - an indication if enemies are approaching The competition: - You get an easy entrance to PvP, because the map shows you where a clan is waiting for you - Why not give people a bonus when killing defenders. Double Rep, double GD is possible. - If you (and) your clan manage to de-throne the defending team, why not get another bonus and/or a global server announcement. " ISP has just raided the clan territory of RWL7" - by staying in the area of an enemy clan, you can disable all the bonuses on Xp and GD through zombies so the defenders have to actively search for you and hunt you down. The way to hold and take over teritories: Right now you capture a flag and regardless of whats happening, it stay there for a certain time. This honestly just sucks. This is why I came up with a vital change that will encourage players to stay to defend and others to come and challenge. As soon as a certain flag is captured, a timer appears. I suggest making it 10 minutes. If the timer is at zero, the flag is automatically back to neutral. As long as there are more defenderss in the area than other players, the timer is frozen. Additionally every kill the defending clan makes will increase the timer by a minute and every death will decrease it. This is really important as you need to stay in the area of lets say ridgeway to keep your territory and it also kinda guarantees the other players that there is somebody in the area. it also adds value to the battle for a territory as successfull defending will only increase the time you can hold the area. On the other side you can actually cleanse a clan territory without having to keep all the defenders out. all you need to do is kill them more often than they kill you and the timer will go down to zero even if they keep spawning back in. This is my general concept, numbers of course can be adapted and discussed, but overall i think this could work pretty easily and finally turn territories into what they were intended to be from the getgo Here is also a list of additional ideas that did not make it into the original concept, but are also interesting. - A PvE element for the process of capturing. Maybe have zombies agro you from a far running to wards you while you capture a flag or maybe spawn a lot of zombies (maybe even a super) in the area so you have something to do. - A global notofication when somebody started capturing a flag. This will help draw more people in and make it harder to "sneak" a flag - Changes to the area so pvp in a territory becomes more balanced. Especially the airport hangars are a paradise for campers. maybe another entrance needs to be added somewhere in the back to make camping harder. Small map changes can enhance pvp even more. - maybe a feature for defending clans to automatically spawn to your own territory so it is easyer to call for reinforcements. - A ladder with "high scores" for time you held a territory or for kills within those areas instead of a simple "how many flags do you have" ranking Please discuss with me you nerds, Lauch. still here still D.R.E
  14. If they do this, i will buy some GC to celebrate.
  15. This is why people pay so much for an OTS on steroids
  16. You deserve a comment for this. Well done montage. Fuck the community for not reacting
  17. A VSS Compact in my opinion is even more overpowered. Why? Because you can spray down people. Whoever you target will fall regardless of you missing every second bullet. I think the normal snipers are fin, but a full mag is just a bit too much. Having 2-5 bullets should still be fine, but You don`t have to potential to kill the entire server. And if you are four people, one gets still left behind so we make it four man groups then? I know what you are saying, but groups absolutely demolish solo players and beginners usually start solo. The only viable solution would be different queues, but playerbase Wrong. Groups only account for one rank. if you die to group of two, you get second and they get first. In genral you basically want to copy fortnite/pubG/apex as much als possible. In my opinion that is the wrong firection. NewZ BR can not compete with those. Lets face it this game looses out on everything and the only way to stay a viable option is to differentiate, come up with new ideas and be different. Rotate the maps, introduce new spots, new flags and keep it interesting that way. I personally feel like BR has now been basically unchanged for a year at least. It is left to die. I mean the Radiation beeing displayed at the wrong position for like 15 months now would be a shame to every decent game developer. I am sure it would take less than a day to create and implement new flags and adding stuff to existing maps in the newZ map editor does not require too much effort. But fuck it. Thats why I left Br after playing like 1000 games.
  18. You get a 10% health shield which, in theory, can be very usefull as you can tank more bullets. Just as about everything in the game, the territory feature is about as raw as a dead cow. The newZ playerbase is dominated by a small amout if individuals organized in clans. They wanted a new way to compete and clan territories semm like a nice idea, an objective to fight for. Turns out just putting random flags to conquer was not enough of an objective and from the getgo only like 2-3 clans really competed for most flags until in the end everybody lost interest. I am not sure, but my left nipple's lazy programmer sense is tingling. The flag capturing is basically the same for competitive so my best friend left_nipply suggests they just pushed out the same feature twice. Because profit. And because you can say "new stuff" The gameplay design for flags sucks. There are way to many, It takes way to long to capture compared to the "intense gameplay" of standing still. Yet nobody can really react as you need to run for ever and even pay for a bus. If you are on a different server, you dont even realize your stuff gets taken. There is no real reward that makes holding flags worth it. I have created a ridiculously long post about whats wrong with flags and how to make them better, but there was no answer and the post drowned in the masses of "buy amphetamines here" and "im streaming guys come join" posts that this forum basically consists of. Yes I am salty FreddyD is my spirit animal The other global map events (airdrop, radiation) are about the same. Nobody cares except for beginners for the first 2-3 times. And they struggle too much or arrive too late. Lauch over and out still sending love
  19. This will surely help my daily masturbation ritual a lot. Thanks!
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