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  1. Hi. Would you buy this car? It's about the crossover Suzuki Vitara.
  2. Malee

    Which is better?

    I like the Suzuki Vitara crossover more.
  3. Which crossover from the Suzuki brand do you like, otherwise I can not decide on the choice between the Suzuki Vitara and other crossovers?
  4. I agree Suzuki Vitara is new cool and how do you like the new Suzuki SX4?
  5. Hi, there. which car is better? I can not decide on the choice of Suzuki between Vitara or Jimny. Do you like more?
  6. Hi, what car industry do you like in the world? I really like the Japanese auto industry and the Suzuki brand and you?
  7. Greetings. Well, I also like Japanese cars. Suzuki is no exception.
  8. Thank you isnt I also prefer the Suzuki Vitara.
  9. Hi guys, I want my wife to give a birthday car. We all go to the family on the Japanese, since we have children, decided to buy a crossover. But I can not decide which one to choose, the choice is between Suzuki Vitara and SUZUKI Grand Vitara. Maybe someone has such machines and will share their opinion and experience?
  10. I always wanted to get nice skin to my own collection!I was buying many times cases which win after the game but every time it was great disappointment:) I used to buy boxes in special stores of CSGO cases, too) I was always wondering near those gamers who win cool skins on services with CSGO boxes! I mean my own experience of case spining on such sites was not very profitable! One day I think an ad of a new web-store with skins to earn from cases! Sure, I tried it) But firstly I decided to explore the web-site, here it is by the way:) Now I got to learn that Opencsgo has become the title sponsor of the victorious of PGL Major Krakow 2017! Sure that is talking near commitment! Besides, new services are usualy open handed to get new users:) However I was inspired to earn nice models:) So, yesterday I has login on the web service and cash in $ 100!.. I began with low cost boxes...I've made the first spin and got XM1014 Blaze Orange field tested... The beginning was very promising!.. Then I made some more spins and gained Nova Blaze Orange for $15!.. And I thought: why nt to earn a more expensive box. Progun, the box for $26 was my own goal!.. I made 4 bad spins and already started to worry:( And then. I clicked "spin" and got that I wanted for a long time: m4a4 howl in well worn quality... I've goth nice item first time in my own life:) I gonna to use this item in the game and then to sell it:) Maybe someone wishes to buy it or change?
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