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  1. hello, I left an application for joining the clan 4 days ago, although I was told to wait 2 days. Maybe it's because I did not attach a screenshot? I can attach a screenshot here. I really want to get to you in the clan, I hope my application is not lost among the rest
  2. 19 years oldgood in arnot toxichave a massive gi to pvp https://d.radikal.ru/d27/1803/14/c3d40869c348.jpg Russia, I speak English well, I can give information
  3. 19 years old good in ar not toxic have a massive gi to pvp Russia, I speak English well, I can give information
  4. Hi, I want to join your clan. My cdr is 2.24, my reputation is -374000. Do tell me where to leave a request for an entry?
  5. Hi, I wanted to join your clan. How can i do this? My cdr 2.24, -374000. If it's not difficult for you, could you tell me about the recruitment, and where to leave the application.
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