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  1. Sigs are overrated. Nonetheless, please buff the airdrops a bit. It's really awful as it is. I'm not saying I won't head to an airdrop IF I'm close enough AND I have a vehicle, but I often just get disappointed by the loot.
  2. 4. Are there alien super zombies in survival?
  3. Okay; not exactly on topic, but what are the mechanics for car spawn/respawn? Specifically: is there a fixed amount of cars available at any given time? Do hidden cars or cars that haven't been used in a while eventually disappear?
  4. I, in turn, disagree with you. If you want to stay safe, don't go to secret spots: go to PVE or a private server. Or learn how to handle other players, but don't take it out on someone who's teaching new players about where to find valuable stuff without getting killed themselves. Information is meant to be shared. --------------- Great guide, very helpful! Will be paying a visit to those secret spots very soon.
  5. New question: 3. What does the "decay" stat mean in weapons? I mean, I know that a greater decay (70+) means the weapon is better at longer distances (because submachine guns have very low decay, as 30, 40); but how exactly does it work? Does it mean the bullet will just fly downwards faster or does the damage of the weapon itself decrease at longer ranges? Thanks in advance.
  6. Happened with me/my friends in the last three times we got to air drops. One was a G11 mag, the second drop had a wooden barricade, and third was one sniper mag. There is also the chance someone got there before we did, although I'm not sure why they'd leave one item behind.
  7. Hey there. Couple of not-so-noob questions here. 1. Does the Mosin Nagant kill with one shot to the head, regardless of distance and armor? Pac: Mosin kills one shot to the head only if you dont have full skill tree mrSsTARVATION: 1. no helmet =kill or if you are missing a 2-5 hp it will one shoot you 2. How rare are military backpacks, really? Been playing for over 40 hours, never even seen one. All I ever found was a lousy Alice Backpack, which I promptly lost after dying in PVP. Pac: Military backpacks are only dropping from superzombies I think. They're decently rare. 3. What does the "decay" stat mean in weapons? i3lackdesire: decay of 70 means that when shooting at distances >70m you will do less damage 4. Are there alien super zombies in survival? Thanks! I'll be posting more questions as they show up in my mind. Also, other players feel free to post your questions here!
  8. Pretty nice, trustworthy guy. I recommend doing business with him.
  9. Or... You know, we could have an activable handbrake/brakes. As for cars rolling down a hill... Well, no. I don't think it makes sense that any car with handbrakes will roll away unless we're talking about extreme hills. Guys, I know... We can try finding reasons for awkward things going on in Infestation, but we could also try implementing brakes to cars. That'd work too, and it would make the final product a whole lot better.
  10. Happened again yesterday. Except this time we were returning from a loot run in the airport with backpacks full of good stuf:.same friend teleported to and died outside the map, with unreachable loot. He uninstalled the game. Not sure if I can blame him for that. (Full story: we stopped the car and left. Friend stayed inside the car for couple seconds before exiting. The car started moving by itself on reverse and he left the car. He teleported and died outside the map. It was a Humvee again.) Can we get a fix for this, since it's been known for so long? It's getting incredibly frustrating, guys. Some parts of Infestation unfortunately look like a broken Alpha, and not to tell how to run your game, but IMO bugs that kill characters should be looked at as a critical bug and fixed ASAP. I'm not asking you to completely revamp cars and driving (which, at some point, probably needs to be done): just make them stop killing characters who exit them. I hope that's a reasonable request. Thanks for the attention. PS: Easy fix is to limit the maximum fall damage to 99 while the bug is not fixed. Yeah, sure some people would be able to leap from very tall buildings without dying, but I think it's preferrable than to have players (mostly new players who don't know about these bugs yet) getting killed by cars. PPS: Bug seems to happen only when the car's moving on reverse. PPPS: I'm sorry to say, but there is literally NO RELIABLE WAY to stop a car ATM. All you can do is hope to be on perfectly flat ground under ideal circumstances, so your can doesn't start moving on its own because it doesn't have a handbrake. Check the video down below. (Not my friend's BTW) PPPPS: Sorry if I am coming off a bit too aggressive, but is a frustrating to come report a bug that KILLS your character and hear back a "we're aware of the issue. Try stopping your car next time. And we know we haven't actually implemented brakes, so good luck with that."
  11. Alright. I've got a couple Sigs, Red Stalkers, Imitars one SVD and some sniper ammo. I also have some antibiotics. I'm interested in Alice backpacks. Can you PM me some rates (how many of those rifles for a backpack, etc)?
  12. Morning everyone. Last night I had a friend exit a Humvee he was driving while the vehicle was still moving. Welp. He teleported to the sky, fell to the ground, and died. I hope I don't need to explain how freaking frustrating it was. It was so frustrating we decided to quit our night session right then, because... Yeah, dying due to a months-old bug sucks. It was all fun and games when all you had was a horizontal teleport. Now with a vertical teleport shit's gotten serious. Please do something about it. Thanks.
  13. Hey, Pac, I'm not sure I got this right, but based on your survival price check... Would you trade an Alice backpack for a Sig Sauer 556?
  14. We really need some variation in zombie drops. I don't mean snipers or machineguns, but small arms and ammo on cops, rifles and rifle ammo on fallen army soldiers, etc... Currently the cloth and bandage drops make it a bit tedious to rifle through the zombie corpses. We could use some other drops every now and again like painkillers, rags, duct tape, foods, etc... Perhaps a (very) slight chance of bandage DX drops. You name it. Just give us some variation, please.
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