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  1. I think if you stabbed with the brotherhood the knives would get stuck inside the zombie and fall off when you pulled it out. keep in mind those knives are only attached with duct tape.
  2. I think some sort of trade system at the safe zones would be awesome. A trade would be like 5 of a lower tier gun for 1 of a middle tier gun, and then 5 middle tier guns for 1 higher tier gun. More importantly I would like to see ammo become MORE common, while the actual guns become LESS common. This wouldnt really change gameplay much, it would just make it so we don't just strip every AR we see for ammo. I think this would be a super easy loot table tweak. 5x less AR's, just turn those AR loot spawns into 30 mag spawns.
  3. meds and ammo, especially Antibiotics and stanag ammo are often used as a barter currency in Survival. You can try your luck at trading your open world cash, but this is not supported by the devs and if you get scammed there is no recourse.
  4. I think Cali would be terrible on survival, at least without significant modification. Not worth the effort for the devs. They would essentially have to create a cali v2. There are more pressing things to update. I find Cali to be a bad open world map too, but at least it has a playerbase there.
  5. Ive never seen a clan that plays at fixed times. This isn't wow raiding. We just play with whoever happens to be on. If it's a weird time of day I just play with my Filipino and Australian friends. Anyways, it's totally true that there should be a reward. Perhaps all players in the clan (if they have been logged in recently) should get some items or something. In survival, I just use the clan territories to see if I can bait people in by attacking one. Works ...once in a while.
  6. Rio on the main bridge, Portland out in the middle of the courtyard, State penitentiary by the middle tower, and one on west mercer island. Spawns between 22:00 and 04:00 but your best bet is between 1am and 4am as he doesnt always spawn right away.
  7. I'm against bus stops, except for at the safe zone. Now, Oregon only has one safe zone and that is a bit of an issue (it's a VERY camp-able safe zone too), but it's still beta and there should be 2-4 new safe zones added eventually. Cars are a better alternative, but need to be fixed as they are currently the most powerful weapon in the game. Transportation is one of the main reasons people don't play survival. If there is no car at ridgeway it is a 15 minute walk to a safe zone. It's a complete waste of 15 minutes of everyones life. Now that players can switch maps to get new spawns I have been able to get 5 or 6 new people to start playing survival. There has to be a balance where you still need to walk / drive, but things don't take FOREVER.
  8. A clan system is a great idea, just limit the number of clan members to the same as the servers group limit (3 or 5). I'm not sure how you block clans from entering a server, I would just limit the number of clan members to 3 or 5 same as on PVP maps. This would help get my clan to actually play survival more.
  9. Oregon is also really poorly optimized for the use of cars, and the map needs some adjustments so players have more ways to take cover from cars, and so cars can actually get around the map. Currently we just use 2 players to "push" the car over the highway barriers to get where we are going - add some ramps.
  10. I agree, cars have ALWAYS been broken, and various updates fix one thing and break another. In the current state cars seem to be worse than ever. Due to how ping works cars can even kill you from up to 40 yards away, meaning you cannot shoot the player in the head once they enter that sub-40 yard range where you can really shoot accurately with an AR. I have a few friends who have just begun pvping with cars as their primary weapon, and they are running around getting 20+ killstreaks every day. It is bad. Also the glitch where you get out of the car and get teleported a mile in the air seems to be REALLY common right now, although it's always been around. Cars are essential to making the survival game-made playable as transportation, but I'm starting to think damage should be nerfed so they cannot 1-shot players. Or add a heat-seeking anti-tank missile...
  11. v1 may work better due to smaller map size, but what I really want is to start seeing oregon servers with 10-25 players (and not just that ONE server where all of the high reps are pvp'ing). It's a fantastic map to play for survival (besides the lack of safe zones), but with only 3-6 players it might as well be a private server.
  12. Here's some considerations: The current spawn system tends to result is what I call "pvp sprawl" where most pvp on colorado gets pushed out into the woods. This has changed the entire nature of pvp on colorado radically, but a bit less so with Caliwood because Cali simply does not have much woods (cali still has the "sprawl" just not the woods fighting issue). The game has lots of towns and cities, but we end up playing outside them mostly once a large number of players begin fighting. The current system means all players get the same load-in time, so a fast computer does not give such a large advantage with load screen times anymore. That's good. The spawn points are not well optimized for the current spawn system. Sometimes you spawn in direct line of sight of the person who killed you (instantly killing them back), sometimes you spawn in a fair and reasonable location, sometimes you spawn a mile away. This game is obviously dominated by snipers, and a player killed from far enough away can actually spawn REALLY close to you, instead of being "pushed out". The old system allowed a ~60 second window of safety for looting, and the respawn was somewhat predictable because it was close by. Advantage goes to the winner of the first fight, which makes sense. Now the "window of safety" is barely 20 seconds in many cases. Teams tend to get split up by huge distances once they have to start respawning. Players shouldn't be able to spawn on top of or extremely close to other players. no1 likes this! If a player is within say, 50 feet or so, of a spawn point, other players should not be able to spawn at that point (unless they are in clan or group). Players in the same clan or group should tend to spawn close to another clan/group member, when available. This might be OP but it should be tried at least.
  13. ........ fuck off you know exactly where Europe is. This is dangerously close to anti-white hate speech and should be deleted by mods. There was literally zero reason to bring this up or to bring race up. Ping issues could, and do, apply equally to Australians and new zealanders.
  14. My opinion is that every region should have ONE ping unrestricted server in order to allow people to still get onto the game if they have bad internet, or so Australians can play with their USA / EU friends, etc. After that, a third of the servers should be ping restricted between 200-250ms. The other two thirds should be ping restricted at 125-150. The ping problems REALLY start to pop up at around 200ms, however there are still minor issues / peak advantages for players in the 100's. The biggest problem we have now is that the ping restricted servers tend to remain low population, so 95% of PVP occurs on the unrestricted servers. The only fix is to make THE MAJORITY of servers ping restricted. The argument against this is that it will split the community, however high ping players are one of the top reasons people are completely quitting NewZ; it's better to have a big community that is split than a shrinking community that is not split. The simple reality is that people play this game all across the world, and in a game where one shot kills dominate there just has to be some ping limitations. Also, players who aren't used to playing with high ping often find that it is NOT an advantage, however players who make a habit of playing on high ping servers eventually learn to use it to their advantage; it does take some practice.
  15. SMG's As it sits presently, all of the SMG's except for the tommy gun are terrible. If you want the game to be realistic that's just fine as AR's actually DO completely dominate SMG's in every way except for size, but this is NewZ not a simulator game. The purpose of SMG's should be to dominate the ranges in between shotguns and AR's. How do we do that? We tweak our damage output and effective range until smg's are very powerful at close range, and we nerf the effective range so that AR's match or beat the SMG's beyond 15-20 yards or so. Lets look at the Damage per second on a few guns. mp5 - 231 p90 - 231 Red stalker - 231 Tommy Gun - 245 m4a1 - 250 Mini-Uzi - 264 Famas - 279 QBZ - 280 AK-74u - 280 AK47 - 282 Masada - 284 PKM - 346 Shotgun - 203 (instant, not really per second) Who on earth would accept damage output that is, at best, on par with mid-tier AR's when they can just take an AR and get 2-5x the effective range with the same damage?? After writing all of this out, it is my conclusion that for a player to even CONSIDER running an SMG, the absolute minimum damage output is about 280 per second. A number in the low 300's would make more sense, combined with spread numbers between 4.5 and 7, and decay numbers between 10 and 20. Here's what a proper smg would look like (i am thinking of the UZI here): Damage - 19.5 (309 per second) fire rate - 950 spread - 5.5 decay - 11 this weapon would be incredibly deadly out to about 15 yards, but almost useless as you get out to 20 yards. In order for a gun to have DPS around 300, it MUST be very weak in some other dimension, in this case range. That's also important because if an smg had such high DPS and was also good out to, say, 40 yards, then AR's would start to become obsolete. This was sort of the issue that Tommy guns had pre-nerf, with a decay of 40 and a decent spread they were competing with the best AR's out to 45 yards. For open world you also have to consider that snipers beat AR's really badly beyond about 50 yards, while on open world / AR only servers red stalkers can run effectivly out to 100-125 yards. If SMG's have huge damage numbers, and are effective out to 40-50 yards, then AR's become obsolete in open world. That's not good! This is another reason I think SMG's must be kept as 15-25 yard guns MAX. Decay and spread must be nerfed if damage output is to be increased!!! SHOTGUNS The main problem is that the effective range of shotguns are limited primarily by spread, not decay. Spread on shotguns needs to go WAYY down, and decay also needs to go down to 2-5. After this change damage may need to be lowed from 203 per shot down to about 175. This doesn't necessarily give shotguns any more effective range AT ALL, what it does is make shotguns more reliable, instead of up to chance with the pellet spread. Some of the shutguns should have slightly different stats, with the double barrel perhaps having high spread and high damage, and the mossberg maybe having low spread but also barely enough damage to one shot.
  16. Fred sounds like the next patch is really awesome!!! The ping fix so players dont get killed after getting behind cover will do a lot to make less players rage quit. Players don't mind getting killed when it *feels* fair and square, but get frustrated quickly when they duck then die a half second later. Looking forward to the devblog a lot too! Always really insightful! Silentteror ...your comment on the fog is obnoxious and wildly out of touch...
  17. Exactly. Open world is a sniper based game, and this respawn system simply doesn't make sense with a sniper based game. If it were AR only it actually might function a bit better.
  18. See, you've just shown exactly where your mindset is wrong. people "don't mind" having to do lots of things. I don't post suggestions so you can get the game to a state where people "don't mind" x, y and z features. You want to make the features of the game both as fun and logical as possible. A 2.5min lockout on all charchters on survival would make way more sense. Having a 2nd character defeats any functional purpose of the death timer, and just makes the game more tedious (not fun) to play as you have to move characters around to whatever spot you pvp at, and if you want to move you have to move 2+ characters, probably at least partially on foot. Furthermore, the people who really lose out are the new players who become confused and annoyed when they get killed by a veteran players using this bizarre element of gamesmanship against them. My game doesn't crash a ton either, but it crashes more than any other game I've played recently. I've played about 5000 hours of world of warcraft (thats kind of embaressing...) and i don't recall it crashing EVER. Worst that ever happened was a server disconnect. And I played it on at least one potato. NewZ crashes about once a day for normal players who play 2-5 hours a day, more so if cars are involved at all. I've seen a car drive towards a 10 man clan and crash (not disconnect, crash) 6 people out instantly ...some of them running GTX 1080's and equivalent cpu's. I get that the comparison isn't fair as blizzard have billions$$ invested in that game, but you get the point.
  19. if they could make smoke grendades more effective that'd be pretty cool, and maybe make flares pull in zombies from really far away and last for a little longer. Stuff like that would be cool. Im sure someone else can be more creative.
  20. * People are still right/left peeking -i don't encounter it a lot, but I do encounter blatant peak abuse from time to time and it makes my team leave for other games pretty damn fast. * 3 regions are empty (OPEN WORLD) -people play wherever other players are. Some of the asia / SA players may also intentionally play where they have bad ping. If you play with high ping enough you can learn to use it to your advantage, although if you are not used to it is a disadvantage. The ONLY SOLUTION is STRICT PING LIMITS. 80% of servers should have a 90-125ms ping limit. The rest of the servers should have a 200ms ping limit. MAYBE one server per region can be unrestricted. You cannot just have 2 or 3 servers per region with low ping limits, as players tend to group towards the normal servers for pvp. It has to be almost all of the servers. 200ms IS NOT LOW PING, 200ms IS HIGH PING. 200ms is actually really high ping. -from time to time SA, HK, and occasionally NA actually do pop up in population, but EU is the only consistent region. * Players with higher ping having great advance in pvp I mostly just covered this in the last topic, much stricter ping limits are needed. There should only be 1 ping unrestricted colorado server per region. * Fog ruining pvp expirience -The fog is annoying as fuck, it forces you to use nightvision for several extra hours. * SKINS? -I think the skins are actually just fine, although there would be nothing wrong with new ones. If you've opened as many mystery boxes as me, you'd know there are lots of nice looking cheap skins. *Implementing new items -New zombies would be cool, but new snipers won't change much. They all kinda do the same thing as it is (well, you could split them into big snipers 130+dmg and small snipers). I won't complain about new ones but it's not needed. *PREMIUM -Most of us work on a single character for PVP, or if we have a 2nd we play the primary character much more. Some people use multiple characters but I dont think it is most people, as you end up with multiple lower rep characters instead of 1 high rep character. The loadouts is the main reason I get premium, but also the no-respawn fee and the 2x xp is nice until you get your golden bullets. Deluxe and extreme offer very little tbh; i think they are massively overpriced at least. A forever deluxe ($250) and forever extreme ($400-500) would be a good move for the devs though. *MISSIONS It's a fantastic idea tbh, but they can't do that one overnight.
  21. Distance and time are almost interchangeable for this purpose. In the old system a respawn typically took 60 seconds for a player with loadouts ready to go. Players with fast computers would sometimes get in a little too quick but it was usually about right, and even if they got in fast the spawn location was somewhat predictable (the loser of a fight shouldn't get an advantage coming back in, right?). you had to spend a couple minutes on another server to change your spawn. It could also be done with a farther respawn distance, based not only on distance from where you DIED but also distance from your killer, and a system where you don't spawn on top of other players. Cali and Colorado might even need different distances. Maybe it should spawn players near a teammate when available. Right now you can kill some1 at ~300 meters and have them spawn right on top of you! That kind of stinks for both players as some1 is either going to get spawn killed, or killed by a spawner. They could also spawn 600 meters away, it's really hard to predict. On crowded servers teams can get REALLY split up if they spawn in opposite directions, and next thing you know boulder becomes a free for all spawn battle, until one team decides to log and regroup (in my experience a lot of teams don't ever do this even though it is an option). For example, some1 killed me on top of the death valley bus stop the other day. 17 seconds later I killed him, right from where I spawned in. I then proceeded to stand on the bus stop and shoot him every time he spawned in, until the 5th or 6th time when he finally got a spawn out of sight and ran away. The poor guy was probably pretty unhappy at that point.
  22. The new spawn system is awful for sure. On medium-high pop servers it is often a game of sniping from spawn to spawn, and lets not even talk about rocky ford. Gameplay seems to have degraded since the new spawns were implemented. I support a 1.5-2.5 minutes respawn timer for open world at this point. Although I do think there are some ways to fix it without scraping it entirely. As for the snipers, open world is a sniper pvp game, that also has AR's for occasional use.
  23. How about a strong super that randomly spawns ANYWHERE on the map (sort of like airdrop, where it might have a long list of predetermined locations). This would be a super-elite zombie that is actually worth hunting. Because he spawns in the woods often he can't be killed from on top of crates most of the time. Give him either a fast run speed or an infinite patrol distance so he can't be killed at the edge of his radius. When he spawns in anyone within 2000 yards should hear a really deep zombie roar to announce his arrival. There could be a map indicator, thats sort of optional though. Also, a weaker super that can spawn in actual pvp areas once in a while. Perhaps takes 50 bullets to kill. Also, random woods zombies (everyone suggests this all the time)
  24. Rocky Ford - Makes it too easy to grind rep, completely debasing the rep system, and has also ruined the gameplay on a map that already had severe spawn camp issues. Rocky ford should be dropped to a 10-15 player limit with the new spawns. Open world - Sometimes it is to your advantage sometimes it is not. If you kill a player at 300 meters away they can spawn 150m behind you. This could be fixed by making the new spawn 450 meters from where the player died AND from where they were shot from. It's a sniper game, why wasn't this thought of? The spawn timer is a bit fast still. The new spawn system tends to split up groups; grouped players should tend to respawn nearby where possible. Obviously players can choose to spawn the old fashioned way, but I've observed that most people don't. Don't expect people to be rational all the time! You can make fun of them for that, but when they get annoyed and quit your game the jokes on you!. Overall I don't like the update because it removes predictability in where people will spawn back in on you and has made looting kills EXTREMELY difficult at times. The winner should have the advantage of knowing roughly where the looser will spawn back in, if they choose to do so. My above suggestions would fix it mostly though. Better system: New spawn location is 450m+ from where you died, AND 600m+ from where your killer was(open world). You will spawn in near a nearby teammate (up to ~1000m) if applicable.
  25. If it's made rare enough it would be fine, but if it's that rare i probably won't use it except for if I ever decide to bring out my blaser too... So do it if you want, just don't make it common, and it's not really going to change the game mode much anyways because for practical reasons it won't get used much. Unless you make it too common, which would be bad. Survival needs more than just a new item anyways. And the heavy armor kinda looks like a prop from a low budget 80's action film. I always found it to be a garbage model, looks like duct tape and cardboard lmao ...at least the skins fix it up a bit. The light armor should be renamed to "tactical vest" or "load bearing vest" or "LBV" (these kinds of tactical vests have no armor)... sorry that was random... Here's a cool idea, make a little 125cc ATV that is really common so there are more cars, but make it only go 12mph. It'll make getting around way easier, but you have to decide if you want to risk being so exposed on the slow atv! It has pretty much no use on open world so make it survival only. GET THE SURVIVAL CURRENCY OUT ALREADY!
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