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  1. @CampersRUs I know I will brake my promise regarding my previous post being the last, but it seems you need some issues cleared out, and badly at that. Your post might actually derail this patch thread, not sure why you did not make another thread about it, oh well. Perhaps our posts could me moved into another thread not to derail the thread regarding patch changes; the patch changes are not only about survival; this is. If the so called "whiners and complainers about private Survival servers" are in the majority, then their opinion matters for sure, as strenght comes in numbers; numbers can change certain things, not only in a gaming community, and not only in terms of game changes. Everyone feels their opinion matters, why do you feel your opinion matters? If you didnt you would not post your last post now would you? If you can call me a whiner, I can call you a conformist and a fan boy surely. I would suggest sticking to arguments and not labeling people and trying to make their opinions less valuable. Every player is a potential customer, also the players that play for free. Not sure what this is about? I voiced my opinion, stopped playing the game, not sure what this has got to do with money? I think this is actually directed to people that support the new game patch, to put their money where their mouth is and buy premium account, not to the ones that are opposed it. So I suggest you keep putting money where your mouth is, since you like what you see in the new patch. Of course people realise the expenses of keeping servers up; it is not the people that made this game F2P now is it, the decision has been made by the devs. As for server reduction, it would be a good idea, because there would be more people on each servers, and the game experience would be richer. Having say 3 servers pers continent would be awesome. Similiarily they could easily close the game down, but it would not makes sense since they had been working on it for so long and game has potential. Of course the devs can do what they want. There are other ways to make money, perhaps not make this game F2P? Have a one time fee if you want to play longer than a week? Introduce FPP servers only for a one time donation/fee? Additional skins as someone suggested before alteady for additinonal money. For you, people that have different opinions, which do not match your opinion is "negativity"? Different opinions NEED to be heard. You saying that other opinions are negative to me is negativity in terms of freedom of sharing ones opinion. Please, we infact do not need negativity in terms of blocking people sharing their opinions. Other people renting private servers will have impact on survival mode - that is the bottom line. It is no longer survival when it becomes P2W. You do not understand the implications of people getting massive loot for rent money without fear of getting dropped by other players. It might be a game killer in the long run, but it is surely a game changer. It no longer is survival in the sense of surviving looting and bringing to back to base. What about all the free crate drops the players get on rented servers? All the metal gears they will get from drops and farming? Weapons? I do not play Open World for that very reason; Open World has nothing to do with Survival mode. You can rent private servers in Open Mode, and farm there; that should be enough - it first the game mode. Also, do you think any complaing about Open World would have changed anything? Since it is you asking why do we think our opinion matters? And would you not write about all the negativity there as well with people voicing their opinions? Two issues that stopped me from playing Open World: Snipers on every corner, spawn points, bus stops, cities; AND PVE servers, where one can farm weapons without thread; ridiculously easy. And this is where Survival is heading with private servers. Who are you even talking about here? I did not see one person that implied they are the greatest player in the game, when talking about the new patch changes - and I have read most if not all posts where people are vocal about their opinions regarding survival private servers. You could not be further off point. Thinking that your opinion matters - that is a different story, because yes everyones opinion matters, it just comes down to numbers in the end. Even a newbie can say sometine very important. Private servers will kill survival mode as is; game mode will become more P2W with abundance of loot on rented servers both in crates and zombie spawns, and weapon spawn location (bases etc.). Easier to get materials for lockers. People that will fight over loot and lose loot on normal servers are at a HUGE disadvantage. Did you even think about EXP farming? You did not, did you now? How big of an advantage will people have with EXP farming on a server where there is no threat from other players 24/7? Since getting the skill "Hardened" - makes one die not after 4 headshots, but after 5 headshots (from what I have been told)? Do you think this is not a game changer? Gather some supplies to explore further? Explore further what? Explore the map? To explore the map one can go on a server with low population, and explore it there. I could not care less for killing new players, it is the Vets that I would be interested in killing, and players on my skill level; and Vets are potential customers IMO, more than new players. If new players do not know how to PvP what good will Private servers be to them? They will loose loot instantly. So you are speaking for yourself, perhaps it is what you do on survival servers, hard to tell. Also, for new players - that is called learning the hard way, and it works. I have been there, done that and learned how to cope, had been killed a lot of times. Took me perhaps a week to get to know how to play, but was worth it. Reality check: The entire community consists of me, you and every single, even the weakest players at the bottom of the PvP hierarchy. So yes, we all control what happens in the game. It just goes down to numbers like I have previously stated. Having an outlook; ah I cant do anything I am so small and alone - will only lead to people conforming. This applies everywhere, not only in the gaming community. And dont forget to have a great day!
  2. I deliberetly posted IMO at the end of that sentence. As for the dev team being insecure about the game, I have my suspicions because of the nature of the deleted post, as well as removing me from being a featured contributor. Why else would anyone perfom such actions? Boredom? My posts were in no way obscene, nor did I use vulgar language in them. I also have a few witnesess that are shocked as well. As for emailing you, I do not feel a need for it. I am well aware what goes behind the veil, in the moderator part of a forum - I have been a moderator for a few years on a forum, and there always is discussion going on (you know, in that part of the forum only for mods and admins?) before removing posts or performing other actions affecting freedom of speech on a forum. Also as having some moderator know how, if there are parts of a post that are against forum policy, those are simply edited out by a mod and a reason is stated. But the reason has to be stated, if only out of respect and in terms of proffesional mod forum conduct. What happened here is odd for me, that is all; my post deleted, the thread quickly closed, no reason given. It is not my duty to keep the mods in line, as I said if this matter is not looked into by super mods, they have also agreed to it. There is nothing else I would write to you in email anyway, everything is here. Anyway this is my last post here, I enjoyed the game before the changes, and before the "forum incident" regarding deletion of my post. So no need to worry, I will not derail this thread no longer. Question is: will this post stand here, or will it be removed also? Just in case I am making a print screen if only for myself, something to remember this forum by. Regards
  3. A post I had made, about patch introducing private servers into survival in a different thread, had been deleted and the thead locked. This is a private forum, and the mods are free to do whatever they like, but it would have been nice to get a PM from a mod stating that my post was deleted, and why. Anyway I am leaving the game, I was only interested in survival, and the private servers had ruined it for me. ------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Ps. Also I had been manually removed from the weekly popular contributors on the main page (with 8 likes this week) I could not care less for being a featured contributor, however this did make me lol. I was on that list just yesterday. Wow. Guess it was just bad for business? This does prove that the devs are insecure about the game IMO.
  4. True meaning of a survival game. Perhaps stash limited to only few items at most if at all. Now that I think of it, what would be the motivation for people to go PvP? Since it would not be about loot, you could not take loot from players. Also farming super Z would not be possible - limited space in bag for machine guns and other loot etc.. And air drops? Who would go for them if inventory is full? I am digging idea of only 1 character per person.
  5. There was a vet player that came on the server 1 day and we had a chat, when I was very new to the game. He warned us about private servers making their way, and to enjoy the game while it lasts. He also was a very long time player, and I mean very, and was against the idea. So I see that he was actually on point. As for you playing NewZ for so long, you cannot put yourself in the shoes of new players, perhaps its been too long. Vets have open world, and newbies have survival. No other way to see this, as newbies in Open World dont last 2 minutes. Also they have a steep learning curve there, as well as problems with buying items, ammo. Everything they farm on PvE they lose after 2 minutes getting sniped in a spawn area, bus stop or in front of a city. Additionaly since you have been playing for so long, the loot you have must be huge, probably you dont have to farm half as much. Also the tree skill you have is probably maxed out, so you actually probably only play PvP on survival. So you probably accomplished most of what could be accomplished in the game, no wonder you dont mind the private servers - you wont have to compete with players that get easy loot or exp - because you have it all I guess. Private servers will make people putting in money for the servers have a big advantage - they will just farm without and hassle. There will be a lesser sense of accomplishent for myself for sure, knowing that people who pay have it easier, and wont "suffer" as much when losing weapons. Anyway going back to what the Vet player had stated, I will try to enjoy the game mode while it still lasts, as I am sure that the private servers will be introduced. I think this thread is out there just ease the introduction of these servers, or to try to reason the fact of introducing these servers, as perhaps the decision had been made. Of course it is the devs game in the end, and this is only my opinion. Ps. Me and 2 more players as a team, managed to kill several vets (some premium) with a lot of loot while they were farming on a survival server. Not only did that feel like a big accomplishment, the loot we got was glorious. With private servers this might greatly diminish; shame. Ps2. As for snipers, if the private server is there, and one can farm without interruption, it will be much much easier to get a sniper even with the same odds; just farm farm farm farm farm.... without interruption. Ps3. At this moment survival is mainly about losing or gaining loot.. if private servers will be introduced, what will survival be about...? (its not about surviving as the only punishment is loss of loot, nothing else)
  6. Ive read posts and comments that it is INCREDIBLY difficult to prove if anyone is using other macros. So there is that. It might work all fine in theory, but no doubt in practice it is way way harder. Some said that even with recorded proof it is very difficult to find macroers, because its not from the perspective of the macroer.
  7. With private servers you will divide the survival community. Imagine someone makng a private server striclty PvE and leaving it open for public. Just like in open mode, this mode would not allow players to get killed by other players. You would surely have newbies go there instead of trying to learn the game; so even a lower influx of new players that would play PvP on survival, and try to learn combat mechanics etc. Just player vs zombies, which would make the game boring in the long run for them. If its not about PvP in the end, what is the point of improving skill points in the main menu skill tree. There would be little to none replacement of players that know how to PvP and quit the game. Also people with private servers would have the edge over those who play on public servers, this would become more P2W. Surley, more people with snipers would ruin this mode also. Right now there are 2 sides to survival. The populated servers, where people mostly go to PvP. And the less populated ones, with the random encounters looters. The latter one is actually pretty thrilling to say the least, as survival should be about random unexpected encounters, rather than set PvP meet ups; and this will be removed with private servers, or at least severly diminished.
  8. Alright, so perhaps make it built in the game? Do people really need to venture into this by themselves, and perhaps discover other macros on the way, macros which are deemed to be illegal but cannot be discovered? Just make this system default in game and make it part of the game if you cannot ban it, and people are using it. If they could not stop everyone from using med macros, how can they stop everyone from using other macros?
  9. I have watched some vid about macros on youtube, and the macros quickly scroll trough all the med items.. there is some sort of way of reducing time with these.. from 1 second to 0.20 seconds. Perhaps its just scroll time - scrolling through all meds with one button; I aint no expert expecially no expert on macros, never did I use them, but this would be an explenation I think, because as far as saying this is only a "visual glitch", is just trying to brush this off. Again, not sure, just suspecting... If these macros are legal, or cant be stopped in any way, it should be a built in system for everyone to use equally. It should not be a revelation to only those that dig deep on the ways to interfere with the game using external programs. As I said, I might be mistaken.
  10. Well I am new to the game, not a Vet, so no these things arent obvious to be honest. I get what you are saying that it is just game mechanics; as I said maybe I am expecting something different that is all, something more realistic. Its not about playing as I know it or dont, it is about me saying that it breaks strategy which could mimic real world teamplay; I specify that in my opening post. And Im not to keen on this ghosting idea, I dont like it myself. Just saying. As for spawning with nothing else but fists, its not a case or matter of liking it or not (similiarily, do you like running out of ammo? Do you like dying? No? Infinite ammo and godmode it is). It is a case of: if you die you have nothing on you, and it makes sense. What is the point if you can come back to the same spot fully geared over and over and over.. this makes this mode deathmatch or team deathmatch and not survival. You do not need to survive, if you die you come loaded once more, and perhaps even much more loaded to the same spot, since now you have intel how many enemies there are etc. Perhaps its even better to die, in order to get a better loadout? We will differ on the issues for sure, since you are a vet longtime player, these grew on you and you got used to them. Me as I am fairly new (2 weeks of play), some of these are actually jarring. Anyway thanks for the input. Edit: On spamming tab and checking if more players had spawned in, you have to admit this get more difficult when there are more than 20 players on the server... - Free/basic user
  11. This is a post to show how some people, especially advanced users play and how it breaks the whole tactics and strategy in the game. As we all know there are everyone has 5 slots available, to make 5 player profiles from within your account. There are players that actually take full advantage of this, and I do mean this in a way that breaks any true experience of strategy, especially team strategy, which could mimic real life combat. Let us say that a team of 3 is infiltrating the airport (from now on lets call it Team Attack), a common place for PVP and combat. Also, there is another team consisting of multiple players already on the airport, which to this moment had control over the airport (Team Defend). Imagine the infiltrating team, being able to take command of the airport by sneaking in and killing 2 out of the 3 players. They have cleared all the airport, and they are sure that nobody is there, so they secure key positions and have eyes on most of the spots, where enemy can enter the base. At this point they have essentially taken control of the airport. The following point below show how the mechanics behind NewZ and survival mode break any continuity and true planning when it comes to team combat: 1) One of the enemy players had logged out; as his 2 comrades (Team Defend) where killed by Team Attack. Noone from Team Attack had seen his location, so at any given time, he can log back in, and he will apear in the same exact spot as previously, even tough Team Attack had checked every corner on the airport and they are certain they are alone. As you can imagine these mechanics are annoying, and even tough there is no spawn shield around when the Defend player logs in once again, this breaks a lot of strategy and secuting locations only does so little; it cannot be depended on. 2) Once Team Defend was killed, they will gear up again from the main menu, and respawn back to again fight over the airport. This can go endlessly. Granted there are spawn points that can be observed so this issue does not break combat that much, however being able to arm from main menu without being in safe zone - it might actually help the action in game but breaks combat continuity - winner is armed and has advantage. I actually thought that lockers are there in order to arm oneself after logging in without weapons, which would actually make more sense in terms of combat. How or why can one arm from main menu after dying does not make sense to me in terms of combat. 3) Players have a few characters in crucial spots; let us take the airport once again for example. Team Attack is trying to take control of the airport. They see an enemy player inside the control tower - Team Defend -, and he sees them. Their location is near the tents and they are slowly moving in while taking cover. Team Defend is hiding in the control tower, but he decides to log out and switch characters/profiles, as he has a different character the is near the tents from the other side, or inside a tent. Unknowingly to Team Attack, he appears in the tents near to them, the ones which they looted and cleared, he then exits from the tent, flanks their rear and kills them at almost point blank range. Again, this breaks any combat that could mimic real life, in terms of strategy and teamwork. 4) Players that pay have a reduced time spawn of x2. Normal players spawn within 10 minutes with their profile, premium paying players spawn in about 5 minutes (from what I remember). Not only that helps to collect gear that disapears within 10 minutes (approx) but they actually can spawn faster once again fully geared to continue the fight. While this is not pay2win, it actually helps tremendously in fights. Not hating, just saying since I get it that the game has to make some money from somewhere in order to continue to grow etc. Of course, the answer to this for non paying customers is to simply use other profiles, but again it would be necessary to have other player profiles in the same spot where the battle had commenced; ie. airport in this instance. However playing on one profile lets one get more experience points, and gain more skills that playing on all 5 or more than one. To sum up and TL;DR: The fact that one can log off and respawn in the same place on the same server actually breaks any similiarities this game could have to real life combat and teamwork; Using more than 1 profile in the same location does not help either. Combat logging should be punished IMO, especially when logging in order to either wait for your buddies to reenter with full gear after they died, or to reented once the Attacking Team thinks that the area had been cleared. Of course it is not as simple as that, because also skill is involved etc, but as I said this can break tactic and team strategy. The bottom line is, in survival mode the battle is won once the team had been killed once, their loot had been taken, and either the winning party had left for safe zone to leave loot, or they have logged off. What else is there to gain, since the players can respawn over and over with new gear from main menu? This is about gear in the end, or so it should be IMO. It might be me actually trying to play a more realistic game than the game itself actually is; and it is pretty arcarde, especially also when taking into consideration the time it takes to heal oneself, just like in 2d platform games; fast without wait time (not counting the cooldown after); your hands are not occupied during healing time, you can shoot once again; and this brings us also to the subject of macros. I think the cooldown should actually be before/during healing, not after. Does anyone else see what I had mentioned as jarring in survival mode? The way I look at it now, it does not feel like survival but a team deathmach with increments of 10 minutes breaks between playtime for similar profiles.
  12. In survival this is a bad idea, imagine a team of players, and one gets killed; if the kill cam was available he would simply disclose the killers location (even roughly) to his friends on teamspeak/discord so they could push him easier. As for tombstone I think the time is ok as is, you have to decide wether you want to see who you killed and perhaps risk getting shot, or if you rather loot quickly (if at all) and move on. Anyway, only my take on this.
  13. Altough your suggestions seem reasonable, and a middle ground to marry bot FPP and TPP in one mode, I can understand that there are hardcore NewZ players that are attached and used to the current mechanic, which is why I would get it if the devs would not be willing to change the current game mechanics; in order not to lose the player base. However adding a FPP server additionaly to the existing TPP servers could create a new game, and people who get tired of Third person Persp. for the day could go and play First Person. This can go as far as having 5 new slots for FPP characters, in order not to spoil current character match statistics (some people care about these), or ability to import and use current profile.
  14. 1) As of now BR spawn points are really unfortunate in some places. It would be great if something like PubG parachuting system could be implemented. This would not be copying as games have done it way before PubG. Perphaps a teleportation system, where you click on the map where you want to spawn? That would be actually great and kinda funny too... imagine 20 people spawning near each other in one location If not, there could be a limit to how many people could spawn in one location at any given time.. however without the limit it would be more fun, and some matches could be quicker? Just a thought. The teleportation system would have a timer; if a location is not pressed then the player has a random spawn, like it is now. Also, like with parachutes, one would normally see how many people jump... when a player clicks on the map, there is a mark that someone is teleporting to that area; this would stop people from all choosing one location. 2) In BR warmup, players spawn with guns that are not accesible in this game mode... why give so many snipers out in warmup, or other guns? Honeybadger? G11? Sniper rifles? Only the latter can be found sometimes in a air drop, and only 1 person (2 people if drop has 2 sniper rifles) will use the sniper at any given time.. so there is no need to have a warmup with so many snipers around... Perphaps limit the guns to the ones that are actually in the Battle Royal play mode?
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