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  1. Hey newz DEVs, so I understand that making clan skins takes a long time to make and it is huge advertising for clans, however many of the big clans that are still around don't have clan skins and are not good enough to win against the top clans in NewZ. MY suggestion is that you should make clan skins for the big clans that are STILL with newz. I believe you should open a clan skins again BUT your clan must have something like 10,000 hours played to get clan skins or your clan must have been created for a certain period of time I know some of these are "BOOSTable" but please consider bringing back clan skins. Doing this will keep most of your players in the game, It will give clans a reason to keep playing and they WILL be proud when tons of people want to join there clan because they have clan skins. Most of the players in NewZ feel that you guys don't pay attention to them. You DEVs have NO idea how happy this will make everyone in newz. I cannot promise that new players will come back but i can promise you that players will stay if their long existing clan gets clan skins. If you guys do not think this is a good idea, you should create a strawpoll and leave it open for a week. If the majority votes for clan skins, then start making clan skins for clans that have been with newZ for a long time. If the strawpoll does not vote for clan skins keep making clan skins only available if you win the SuperCup.
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