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  1. Send me a PM and I can talk to you regarding a clan ^^
  2. Simply put - A lot of players have been constantly asking for developers to put out new game content and updates. This would be something that, while difficult to maybe put out intially, would go a long way in increasing the longevity of the game and making things work for players or to do limited feedback windows of testing - trying out content among a dev team can -never- reach the same scale that public test builds would be able to reach, as a handful of players can't impact performance as much as running a full-blown test and inviting a lot of players to test. So - what keeps players from playing a test build 24/7 and not playing the main game? Game Files could be removed/compressed, and builds could only include necessary content - maps, models, UI, etc; Test servers could be given out with special keys and "Beta" branches on steam - or even a non-steam launcher. You could also go the route of ISS World where they gave away account ID's for players to use to prevent database overflow and issues with players making accounts Test Servers could run on a schedule - where testing is done in waves on particular times that would work best for the dev team to grab feedback and other information they require to make patches better and work with players on updates. What are the major benefits for a Public Test Build? Free Playtesting - Players will be able to exploit, find, and adjust to the content and be able to try out things before they are ready, as well as allow the developers to receive additional feedback (and fix bugs where players end up inevitably breaking things) Server Load Testing - Developers working in a test environment may not be able to determine all of the issues that can arise when only doing closed-doors testing amongst devs. By adding a PTB, Developers can test server load and see how changes and performance adjustments made with new content updates affect servers, as well as be able to focus harder on -intentionally- stressing and crashing servers. Content Inspiration & Creation - Players who playtest and work along with the developers could be inspired to make content or work along with others in the community or even inspire players/devs/etc to go and make their own content. Streamers and Recorders could get access to the PTB to encourage players to watch a streamer for early access to the new content via a stream or video. Developers could also use the test servers to create videos about bugs/content that was found and suggested, rather then having to consistently collect feedback and allow them to more directly participate with players outside of the forums. I hope that after consideration, you will look into my suggestion and think about it for a while, as well as respond quickly with an answer. I personally hope this is made because I would love to help out however I could and I think that this would bring non-mods and other members of the community closer to devs and encourage teamwork amongst the community!
  3. You've done your best so far, heartbreaker. That's been obvious from your involvement, but I'm sure you can see that things aren't always easy to believe whenever we've seen so many things occur over the time that we've spent being a part of this game's community. There has been a lot of high (and low) points in the community throughout the years, and I never mean by saying "Look Closer" that you aren't community-involved. I'm suggesting that the company looked more into bringing or even -training- people who are in the community to do more then just moderation. There's only so much that a moderator can do over the time that could be spent to train someone or bring along someone who knows how to already work with the tools that the developers have on disposal.
  4. Look closer in the community. I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to put time and effort into learning the engine and working on the project. If they could do it, why not release tutorials and allow the community to submit their own content - then reward people whose content gets accepted into the game via GC, or some other reward - then bring them on board if they do well enough? There's plenty of ways that they could implement more international developers and bringing more crew on board without spending cash. I myself have worked with the ISS engine and worked on these "emulator" projects that they like to insult (nevermind the fact that this game started as an emulator just like everyone else but made the money to actually buy a license, but that's just my two cents), and I've asked multiple times about helping in any way that I could. Suggestions that I post usually tend to get a decent amount of support and I have actually worked on a professional development team as a game tester, as well as did professional story-telling/writing. If they don't want to look for new people, they can still look at expanding the skillset of moderators and other people who are already on the team. Money isn't an "issue" per say when it comes to staffing for a game like this if you play your cards right.
  5. How many are NA-based? From what I've been told, only a couple of people are actually support/mods from the NA region. They should look into bringing on NA staffers for higher-up tasks then just moderation. Modeling, mapping, etc. - and put someone in a middle timezone in charge of handling information and putting both teams to work. Since there isn't really a "studio" for Fredaikis AB, they should be trying to form multiple teams of talented people to get things done - that way they aren't being forced to release things in one particular timeline, seeing as they'd be able to dedicate more time/resources with multiple dev teams. Look at developers like DICE, Cloud Imperium (star citizen), or even EA. Multiple studios are in various locations around the world, and they all contribute towards a particular project. If they have spare time, write tutorials, bring on experienced people from the Emulation community - hell, even just start teaching moderators a few of the actual developmental tools or at least give them -something- to work with that isn't just "I get GC to ban rulebreakers".
  6. I really don't know how you could say that. I've heard lately from partners that they've been having issues left and right - sub servers not being renewed, rewards not being distributed - partners who were originally having good contact struggling to be able to get in contact with others, and among other things - partners not moving tiers after starting, while other ones immediately start at a higher tier - none of that sounds like something that'd be a "good job". I want things to succeed and you guys to have a great game, but I really don't know what to say because when I hear moderators say everything is fine, partners are telling me a whole different story. And when I ask about working to help out or even become a part of the team and learn things about the engine or how things work, being told "we're a professional company, not some emulator kids" seems kinda like a ridiculous remark to make when someone is willing to learn and offer help, especially when every thing I have suggested has gotten support from yourself and quite a few others. The only reason I'm pushing for this so hard is because as someone who has been streaming NewZ myself, along with supporting the game for multiple years and spending cash when I could, I want to do whatever I can with as much information as I can to push for the best experience for everyone involved with the game and the community.
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticPricklySmoothiePRChase Video describes it all.
  8. Oh, and I actually had an extra point to bring up on this but hadn't considered this at the time of writing. This is less to do with -just- the partnership and more with the newz team as a whole 4. Add a North-American based team of moderators/helpers/etc. to work with partners, answer support tickets, etc. So many times I have heard that "NA tournaments don't work", "the devs are in EU timezone", etc. etc. - The best way to fix this would be to dedicate a member of staff to training and looking at applicants for moderator/developer positions in the NA region, as that would cut down on support timezone differences, add more members to the team, and generally get more information spreading around amongst the community that will be valuable to players and keep the other devs informed. Just saying "we aren't in that timezone" isn't going to fix anything unless steps are actively taken to fix it - and I'm sure a lot of NA players would be more then happy to volunteer their time to assist you guys in moderating our own region. I know I personally wouldn't mind putting in my spare time to improving things.
  9. Based on some of the information that I have received from not just friends of mine, but partners who are also just people I have talked to passively, I think it would be a good thing to suggest some feedback and ways to rework a lot of the partnership program and what could make things better going forward for Viewers, Partners, AND the developers: 1. Create A separate team with their own tools for dealing with partners. This would allow developers to better focus their assets towards less community-based work, and would allow partners to be able to get more direct assistance whenever working with a group of people who are on board a team created specifically to work with them and do whatever they can to assist these partners in getting access to the resources, tools, etc. that would allow them to succeed in elevating their content to the next level and making NewZ content the best that it can be. 2. Remove viewership/follow/etc requirements, and view individual applicants directly. This would encourage streamers to try their best to put themselves out there and make the best of what is available to them. By removing requirements, this would also encourage players who probably wouldn't have even considered streaming to be able to reach out and begin building a community, making friends, hosting events, and doing things that they otherwise wouldn't be able to do. This would also ensure a "Quality over Quantity" system with applicants, and making the streamers who are really putting in their best and trying to have the highest quality content will be the ones being rewarded over those who view/followbot or manipulate systems (IE: having clanmates raid people to keep large chunks of viewers) to get unfairly earned partnership or other benefits. Another thing is also that A lot of people have noticed that the hype around Community Boxes are no longer there, and a lot of streamers have suffered large losses from this, so the current requirements that are present are almost unobtainable for smaller/newer streamers who try to focus on -just- NewZ. 3. Remove The Partnership "Tier" system, and do rewards on "Partner-Activity" basis. Reward partners who are doing their best to remain active, keep participating in his/her community, and work with people to host events or run other things. If the partnership program is meant for working with partners and helping them grow a community and become more based around interacting in NewZ, removing the Tier program would convince partners to come together and work with each other on collaborations rather then focusing on -just- themselves and doing what they have they do to get to that next Tier. If a streamer needs a private server, provide them for how long they need it. If partners need a sub server/event server - have a developer tweak server information and either provide servers to a partner that already exist (IE: the NA event servers, etc.) or provider partners with the server/currency needed to host those servers. If you don't want partners to focus on giveaways, then focus on more passive rewards that aren't things like Skinboxes/cosmetics, and focus on rewards that partners would be able to use to still give back to their community and contribute with their players, with the occasional personal rewards for the partners who are doing well (Custom Cosmetics, riot shields, early access, exclusive teasers to share, etc.) If anyone else has any ideas for the partnership program, feel free to throw in whatever you feel like would make the system better or what you think should be changed or adjusted. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear some of what you guys and gals have to say ^^
  10. Hipax


    This is something I've been wanting to throw out there for a long time. Can we get the return of story-based stuff to the survival mode? Permanent time capsules with clues that could lead to hidden loot spots, stories that are told by the enviornment, or even a return of the original MISSION SYSTEM from Infestation back when they were more experimental? This is something that could HEAVILY differentiate Open World and Survival, and it's something that I'm sure a lot of the players would welcome - especially those looking for more role-play and PVE focus, as the game needs to see some changes to differentiate it from just being "open world with rare loot", and I think this is something that would definitely be one of the easier steps in the right direction Hell, I'm sure a lot of players would be more then happy to throw concepts and ideas out there. I myself would love the opportunity to get to put some sort of backstory into this and make things work, as I have suggested multiple times in threads on the forums along with in emails and direct messages to you guys via Discord. So...what does everyone else think? Would y'all like to see some story added to our Zombie Apocalypse and put the "stories" back in "Survivor Stories", or do you think it would be resources better spent elsewhere?
  11. Balance Damage, Recoil, and Spread amongst all weapons so that they serve a purpose and aren't overshadowed by a particular gun - pistols and shotguns should do insane damage up close with a low decay rating to ensure damage drop-off encourages high-risk, high-reward play. Make Sniper Rifles have a lower damage but higher decay - if snipers continue to be extremely common like they are now (and don't say they aren't super common - being able to kill a alien super and get 4/5+ snipers, with the super respawning once or twice a night is common. Especially if players have multiple characters at the farm spots). Remove one-shot headshot from snipers, as it does nothing but add a sense of extreme luck to their usage and makes fights against players go from accuracy to who can get a lucky headshot first at long-distance. Redo the recoil and spread on all of the Assault Rifles. Balance them out so that no weapon is particularly better then the others. Make more common rifles easier to hit, with less damage - and rarer/higher tier rifles have harder control patterns, but do more damage as a result. And I mean original spread of ISS, where you have to actually tap and wait for weapons to reset. Battle Royale already does this -very- well, where airdrop weapons aren't necessarily needed to win or high-powered, but do make a difference worth fighting over them for. The weapons in general are just ridiculously unbalanced, where in PvP servers the weapons are down to "what can I stack up the most by buying from trading lounge or looting" instead of focusing on individual skill and outperforming against other players. When a game like this has so many diverse weapons, it's a problem that the majority of community members can only use about five max, usually two types of sniper and three types of AR.
  12. I mostly suggested a "zones" thing because I've noticed that minus Rocky-Ford, a lot of players mostly just play on Warmup servers to 1vs1 other players, soo...
  13. Hipax

    Sound Bug

    In Battle Royale, the MP5-SD can be reliably replicated to continue playing the firing sound when the weapon is fired on semi-automatic. I have had this bug happen multiple times, and the bug will not go away if I don't shut the game out. once I restart the game, it's back to normal, but the sound continues to play after a single shot in semi-auto mode.
  14. So, I have an idea for how we could overhaul warm-up servers and fix them to be a better way to actually "warm-up" and introduce players to the game and it's systems, as well as allow players to just have fun and practice. WARM-UP SERVER - MAP OVERHAUL WITH NEW NAME: MUSEUM (WIP/subject to change) Players spawn in a room with two pathways - to the left, a "warmup loadout zone" with various 'spawn machines'. This would open up a UI similar to the one seen on the in-game store (or maybe vault), where players can pick from all the items in the game - guns, meds, armor, attachments, etc. When players are finished with setting up their loadouts and what they want to use, they walk to a bus stop at the end of the hallway and can pick a zone to go to (Which could have various areas - 1v1 zones, 2v2 zones, etc). To prevent players from being flooded with loot, this could go in tangent with something like the BR System that gives players unlimited ammo (or something that could wipe the character's inventory on death or something), and use systems similar to the Public Test Environment servers that were featured in Old WarZ (y'know, the ones that didn't save character stats and deleted your gear when you left.) To the Right is a "NewZ Encyclopedia" room, which would contain information on how new players could try the game, and also contain pedestals showing enemies in the game that are individual before eventually going at the end to show a few practice ranges with their own spawners that players could use to learn weapons/practice on zombies/etc. For any other questions or explanations, just reply to the thread and I'll do my best to explain things or go into more depth on some stuff. Hope to see what y'all think!
  15. After Hotfix #3 of Patch 2.17, Battle Royale no longer allows players to switch their spectator view from player to player. Originally, this was done by pressing "space" while spectating a player.
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