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  1. Yeah the fov in this game is really bad, you can't play in firstperson mode without getting motion sick & disoriented.
  2. I've tried survival, and it's not my kind of game. I don't like crafting & i don't like when loot is rare, i just dislike when snipers are super common. Yeah snipers are killing this game. I joined a server yesterday, i got shot from 2 different angles, silenced snipers & awps, it's so crazy, you can't even take 2 steps before those snipers starts wrecking you. It's by far more common to stumble across someone that has a sniper rather than assault rifle/smg/shutgun. Trying to recommend this game to my friends, but i can't. I don't want them to experience this snipefested game, it's not fun or good gameplay at all. Devs should if possible implement an entire new inventory system among with meding & gun/item switching.
  3. This is my thread, my feedback & my personal opinion about the game and it's current state. (i know there's a survival mode, i've tried it and it was really dull and i'm not much for the crafting part in this game) I'm not by any means trying to shitpost or bash this game, i'm trying to be as constructive as i can be. I really like this game, but there's big flaws with it that can be really frustrating, and that's what keeping it from growing. I'll have to apologize in advance for any grammar / typo, i'm really tired as i'm writing this. Where do i begin? Let's start with the biggest issue in newz, the snipers. These kinds of weapons are EVERYWHERE, you can farm 100-200s of them every single day if you do it properly, and that's clearly a problem in a game like this. When i join a populated server, i take 2 steps out of my spawning area and i get instantly killed my a ots, m200 or something, and 90% of the cases it's headshots (and yes, i'm jumping around and try my absolute best to be evasive), how fun is that? And it's always 5-6 people holding a town or spawning area, each of the guys fielding a sniper. No wonder the population of this game is decaying, that is not fun gameplay at all. It's almost as if you guys took the looting problem in warz to literal and just threw all types of loot at us. I understand it's going to be hard balancing loot in a game like this, player A is always going to play more than player B, ect. Now let's talk about riot shields / woodshield barricades, People are rushing you, and as soon as you open fire, they place down a riot shield, rushing and spamming out those riot shields. That's a very poor and boring game mechanic that really shouldn't be there. These shields were initially meant to build strongholds for your group to hold in the old warz, or that's what you used to do in the early days of warz. The best way to fix these shields is to give them like 1 second cast time and a cooldown each use. And about healing, the only negative thing i can say about healing is that people can heal without even having to switch to the healing item, which creates possibilities of scripting/macros (?) putting a questionmark here cus it's rumors, and nothing i'm 100% sure on. Also it should have a short cast time, instead of a cooldown. Give the zombies some love, it's a zombie game afterall, right? Their animations are so dull, and boring. The pve in this game is generally really boring, i've spent more than 100hours killing zombies and looting items, and all zombies kinda moves in the same boring robotic way, they swipe at you the same way, you buttonsmash them to death ect. Give them some new animations, give them more abilities than just a gently swipe. I would love to see a zombie jump at me, trying to eat my face and stun me for like 1 second, or a zombie that's crawling faster than my sprinting speed and grabbing my feets. Give us more variety of the zombies in terms of models Let's talk animations, inventory management. Items and guns shouldn't instantly appear in your hands when you switch around, there should be an animation when you switch between the stuff on your "action bar". Don't you guys find it really dull when you have an m4 in your hands, and click 4 to bring up your bandages and the bandages just instantly appears in your hand? Small stuff like this adds to the gameplay & how the game handles too. One more thing i've noticed while pvping, Literally spraying some people, feeding them with a full stanag mag with multiple headshots doesn't kill people sometimes. I don't know how, if they are scripthealing or what is up with that, but that also ruins the gameplay so much, you feel so demoralized spraying an entire mag and seeing those red hitmarks and hearing headshot sounds, but they just don't die, turns out they kill you with 40% hp left (lol). I don't know if there's a bug people exploit, or the server doesn't register all the bullets. Also, could you perhaps do something about the narrow FoV & headbobbing when sprinting? It's really painful to play in firstperson. There's not only negative things i have to say about this game, I love that the devs releases new stuff & content like the ghillie suit & maps, trying to actually fix the performance issues this game have/had, this games runs alot smoother than warz ever did for me, so i give you props for that. Hackers.. i haven't stumble across a single (obvious) one yet, which probably were the biggest problem back in warz, so that's really awesome.
  4. Yeah i know, i tried to but to many people posting at the same time. -------------------------------------------------------- I'm also open for trades, generally interrested in Ghillie suits, AWM, AWP & VSS. (No skins)
  5. Quickselling the following skins, M4 Revall - 900k M9 Bayonet Matte - ?? Aviators - 1.5M EVO-3 Specter - 900k FN SCAR CQC Danger - 50K Chainsaw Christmas - 50K Desert Eagle Fire - ?? Famas Valentine - 50K Blaser Red dragon - 1M QBZ 95 Fun edition - 2M FN SCAR CQC Chrome - 1.5M IBA Camo - 50K Valentine Wand - 850K Hunter Backpack Valentine - 1M Send me a pm if you're interrested and we can negotiate
  6. " The "Ghillie Suit" is now released in the Open World game mode and now spawning and lootable. " Is it spawning in the open now, or do you still have to loot supply drops, super zombies / alien super zombies to get it?
  7. I've been playing this game for 3 weeks now, and all i can say is that i completely agree on that sniper part of this thread, it's not fun at all to go on public/pvp servers cus you get sniped down instantly. There's no way in a million years it should be like this in a survival game, a clan with 7 people waiting on a bridge inside a city with each person fielding a sniper. It takes away alot of the enjoyment you used to feel with old warz. Not saying the loot tables were on point in warz either, it used to be very boring to loot since you barely could find anything, then all of a sudden the devs decided to buff the living shit out of the loot and everyone were running around with a sniper in warz too, and the same problem happened there too. You should feel some form of "fear" when you bring out good gears, not "w/e, i have so many blabla anyway".
  8. They clearly rushed it because they wanted to race and win against dayz. Also it was rumored that their art team was also the coders, which i don't know if it's a bad thing, but i can imagine u want different people on different things when u make a game. Not bashing the game, i still enjoyed it more than dayz, but they should not have rushed it.
  9. yeah that explains alot why the old warz was so damn un-optimized.
  10. Yeah i know, i'm not looking for a clan to camp rooftops on the pvp servers all day. I want a clan to play in the open world.
  11. i've farmed nato airbase for a while, killing those 2 alien zombies that spawns at night time, each zombie drops like 2-6 snipers each time i kill them, and not to mention the amount of snipers that just randomly spawn there. This is on a private server on open world mode.
  12. I'll check it out for sure, thanks for the advice guys. I still looking for a clan
  13. I have no idea how active this forum is, but i'm giving it a try. I'm looking for a clan to do the oldschool pvp like in warz (if that's even a thing in this game). I was assassin rank on 2 characters back in ISS / Warz days. Prefer a clan with swedish comms, but english will do as well. I have a decent GI
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