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  1. there's probably something wrong here because the text is covered in the middle http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=ff38a1-1518091375.jpg
  2. djdexx


    my suggestion is to change the trade system, eg if we want to sell the item, we will have options open the shop, we can not move choose the item eg m4a1 and write for example, we want 1000 GD for it and we approve choose the next item and similarly the maximum number items in the store are 20 places in our backpack. store we were closing the option, close the store, The option of buying the player approaches the player who has an open store and as the trade option enters it, the store opens and displays items that are for sale and their price per item clicks on the item and buys it by entering the required amount and approving it Time of store operation Due to the large number of players and the ability to overload the server, the store would be active for max. 2 hours after this time after the transaction the store would shut down and the player would be logged out of the server which would prevent overloading it the form of an e-shop with several other games
  3. djdexx


    How do I fix this problem with the correctness of displaying Polish letters because instead I have squares the problem is that even the correct clan names can not be seen http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=81cb86-1516872859.jpg http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=e0dd52-1516872942.jpg
  4. during gameplay on one of the PVE server games with an e-mail I dumped the items and kicked me out of the game and I was able to report the error completely ok but today it is about 5x on the same server
  5. djdexx


    the point is that we are picking up the map by car, let's say somewhere around NATO, but unfortunately we can not get out of the vehicle because there is a vehicle with 4 players in the area and he starts scamping and players try to enter our vehicle, it will not be possible because the opposite player will be he tried to enter our vehicle and leave it, the vehicle does not have a queuing system which would cause that after the opposite player would not steal it from us, usually it is as if the vehicle will leave, the vehicle will roll on a light hill or on the plain after leaving the vehicle the vehicle is an easy target to which the opponent can enter and leave no possibility of storing the vehicle when 2 player is sitting in it as a passenger my suggestion is to add eg: options which will be used to raise the vehicle by another player who was not a driver for example 10 seconds or adding the possibility of cos car ownership on the principle you have the car keys to drive in this case, for example, would be the ability to assign the driver of a vehicle or a person who can raise the vehicle
  6. djdexx


    Vehicles can be made after leaving the vehicle for 10 seconds, no one can raise it beyond the owner / driver because often the vehicles are stolen by groups of 2-3 people
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