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  1. oh thats kind of dumb lol. and i see, so it just lets you know what account they have. Thanks!
  2. I just have a few questions about some things in the player tab. Firstly what is the number to the left of each of the players names? And then some players have a P or an E next to their name, what is that?
  3. Moly42

    super zombies

    alright, thanks man!
  4. Moly42

    super zombies

    ahhh ok so if you are in a certain spot for 30 - 1hr [real time?] one will spawn. thank you that makes more sense
  5. Moly42

    super zombies

    no i mean the regular super zombie. I have played before and killed one but it was so long ago and i don't remember when they spawn. I've got a map up from the wiki that shows where they spawn and how many are in a certain location but the time says 30m-1.5hrs which is what i don't understand
  6. Moly42

    super zombies

    ok so 1230-130 am game time they spawn? is it just in one location or every location each day
  7. Moly42

    super zombies

    so when do the super zombies actually spawn? on the wiki it just says 30m-1.5hr does that mean like 12:30 am to 1.30 am or what?
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