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  1. if u keep getting killed every 10 mins.. then u should start paying more attention to ur surrounding.. im not a pro.. but i know that i have to conceal my location and always check clear n take note of the number of players in the map esp before, after and when kiling super zombies...
  2. it will be like survival.. u cant spawn vehicles as and when u like. there will be vehicle spawn locations where they will spawn.
  3. although u cant kill it that way. there r still a few other safe ways to kill it.... can keep switching channels while searching for a car too..
  4. could u guys pls update the list? tyvm
  5. i made a video on farming alien super zombies.. i heard there's 5. but only managed to find 4.. anybody knows wheres the 5th 1 ?
  6. any ideal where's the 5th 1? i've made alot of mistakes in the video. the 1st alien i should have park my char at the fire engine. the last 1 i should be standing on top of the police station.
  7. xMrSaM

    need advice

    what time does the alien zombie sppawn?
  8. xMrSaM

    need advice

    so i can still farm like in this video?
  9. xMrSaM

    need advice

    hi, im new to the game... unlike other games... there isnt alot of up to date info on the game... i actually spend 30 mins trying to find a "secret" base in some forest .. but it has already been removed long ago.. i need some advice.. i want to rent a sv.. but i do not know which map or rather how to farm faster... i was thinking of varo containment.. does it still works? u guys can join me if u want.. sv will mostly be empty anyway.
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