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  1. Sorry if this has already been reported. I have been without internet for a couple of weeks and decided to scan my computer. FACLOADER.EXE is being triggered as Malware on MalwareBytes. Just thought I would share so they can be contacted to have this removed from their scan results. Have a nice day.
  2. You won't have issues finding action if pvp is what you're looking for. See you in-game!
  3. SuyZ

    Hot Bar

    I like rdk's suggestion. Not only will it help with Battle Royale, but it will help with newer players to utilize the hot bar. Often times, I will see streamers who are new to the game who are unfamiliar with the hotbar (for whatever reason that may be). They will have guns, ammo, and crafting materials in their hotbar. Then once they get hit by a zombie or shot by a player, they are frantically looking through their inventory for a heal. I think this would benefit both current and new players.
  4. So why don't you make some suggestions that could be implemented into the game that will make old players come back and new players interested? What content should they implement? I haven't read anything from you that would be inviting to new players and retaining for veterans. You're that guy who complains about everything, but offers no suggestions for a solution. I didn't say the chat system should be top priority. I didn't even ask for it. I just asked if it was planned. I would fully support the in-game messaging to be in the back burner if you had something of substance to add to improve the game.
  5. Just because you don't play survival mode and only play this as a death match game does not mean others don't enjoy other aspects of the game. I forget that Kiroo is the only person to play this game and his way of enjoyment is the only way. The ability to talk to friends while out of game will help with players who meet (and are friendly) in-game. Player 1 (who is in-game) saying "I see a few people in Boulder City. I could use some help!" to Player 2 who is still at Lobby. Not everyone wants to join VOIP with someone they just met. This would benefit players who are newer to the game. People always complain about how the game is dying or is dead. The developers are trying to make the game more 'newbie' friendly. Having this communication would further that goal.
  6. Are there plans to be able to talk to friends while in-game? For example, /w FriendsName Message or a Friends Tab next to the other in-game chat tabs? Also, zombies are currently no clipping through sand bags, highway dividers, and boxes. Just in case it hasn't be reported it.
  7. Awesome patch! I am curious about the friendly fire for group damage in survival. Is it 100% damage? Or is there damage reduction for group members? I haven't had a chance to hop on yet, so just hoping to find an answer before I am able to play and try it myself.
  8. Haha pretty funny. I've been playing a lot of survival recently so the no shields thing I have finally adjusted to, but the first person only will be a nice change. Looking forward to playing it.
  9. The first person + no shield server sounds like a lot of fun! Awesome event.
  10. Congratulations @SurZeus I'm glad you can communicate perfectly with your zerg clan no problem. That isn't the case for everyone. I mean, if you can communicate no problem with your 7 man team, then why do you need clan tags? And yes, let's split the already small survival community into more server options.
  11. Are you asking if it is possible to upgrade your Forever Premium to Forever Premium Legendary by ONLY paying the difference? If so, I don't think that it is possible otherwise players who purchase 6000 GC package five (5) times might ask to upgrade their basic account to Forever Premium because they have spent the same 100 euros. Just my two cents though! I'm sure a staff member will be here shortly to clarify with you.
  12. I'm against clans in Survival Mode. Survival should be more difficult. Large groups are already difficult to deal with, but it gives solo/duo players a chance when these large groups must communicate their location instead of having a bright chevron over their head.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Happy to hear that some servers are being removed to force the population into fewer servers!
  14. Just throwing my name out there to bring back the SA AR Only Caliwood server back. As a NA player, the AR only servers in NA were always dead. I grew to enjoy playing in the EU AR Only Caliwood and SA AR Only Caliwood servers. We're a small community, but a loyal one! Same groups of people playing on the servers and hopping between the two servers to keep the AR Only community alive. I'm happy to see the reduction of servers though. I really like the idea of the NewZ population condensed into fewer server. Nice change, but would love to see the SA AR Only Caliwood server brought back.
  15. SuyZ


    We actually have these where I live. They are called "Little Libraries." Locals are encouraged to borrow a book to read and replace it with one of their own so the public bookshelf stays full. After you're finished with the book, come back and return the book. Borrow another if you like. It is to encourage reading.
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