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  1. I just really don't like playing on the normal servers because of sniping.. it's just hella lame and boring.
  2. Hey folks, I recently started playing NewZ again but I realized that theres barely any PVP in Clearview, Smallville or Campos. So wheres usually the PVP action on AR Servers? Cheers,
  3. Yes I tried NewZ after the change. It's called a connect box - that one is from unity media.
  4. I can't find a setting in my router that let's me turn off IpV6. All I can see under DhcpV6 Server is: Stateful and Stateless - thats currently on stateless.
  5. I followed Capn's method with changing it in my network adapter, but I still have to change it for my router then I guess... Not sure if I wanna do that or not.
  6. All the time "Time out joining game" I can easily join AR ONLY Server without any problems or a premium server.. Just tried to join server EU001 and that worked again, but 002 didnt... I dont understand it.
  7. I haven't changed it yet. I'm also having trouble to join normal servers without the latency icon...
  8. Never had an issue with that before. I'll try and switch it maybe then. Thanks though :-)
  9. So it's a setting with my router, right?
  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure that my ping should be fine. I have a 400k internet connection. As already said Server EU NEwz 006, 007 etc are all unjoinable for me.
  11. That's what I thought, but my latency is literally around 20-50... so nothing close to 200.
  12. For example EU NewZ 006... It won't let me join that server for some reason eventhough my ping is good.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm an old NewZ veteran and I just started playing today again. I was wondering what the 200 in the server list means? Has it something to do with the ping? Everytime I try to join one of these servers - it won't let me connect eventhough my ping is around 15-20 Any tips would be greatly appreciated. acoR
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