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  1. so whats the sense to save loot now please?
  2. Aah sheet this ambiente sound miss it !!
  3. SmokeyHigh


    Seriously that surprised us hard it gives the old feeling originally back no offensive pvp not everyone with snipes and military ars thats sick !!! just maybe a lil bit more meds ? and pls dont wipe the GIs after beta!! So seriously good work at hope u still update it !!! And its too good that the zombies arent decoration anymore so you need to kill them greetz
  4. Yes i know there are existing alot of videos about how to get fast EXP but I think that this method is the fastest way to get full Skilled without looting around and wasting a lot of time
  5. Hope u enjoy the montage !
  6. Respect for reworking constantly the old warz u make the game great again old feeling is gone but fuck off
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