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  1. Would need a hell of a lot more players, or less servers or a smaller map
  2. Seems the more you write the angrier you get :>
  3. I didn’t know there was a new map coming!! Is it for survival only? And do you have a timescale for it roughly?
  4. NewZ without a GI regardless of survival or not would have no interest at all. It is no challenge to actually survive in this game. I think the main purpose of survival is Kruger PVP
  5. Also increasing sniper rarity won’t take affect for months and months. People have thousands already in their GI. why don’t you play survival, not many snipers there
  6. The rest died mainly because of Cheating brother
  7. Would be good but don’t increase the amount of official servers as their already hard to find PvP
  8. Larizzle


    You are playing a game that is not renowned for its graphics
  9. Larizzle


    It’s just been optimised though, the graphics haven’t physically changed to a certain degree? Or is this different for you, I’m not sure as I don’t play in Ultra. Try turning off V-Sync if you have it on
  10. Larizzle


    There’s a problem for you since the patch? Did it change your settings ingame with out realising? It changed mine so check that maybe?
  11. Good job on the update, I can feel the improvements for sure!!!
  12. They say that times supposed to heal you, but I ain’t done much healing
  13. Boulder is pretty good too, and NATO there are many spots to hide, didnt play there much but could be good
  14. you gotta STAY in the clan if you want the skins, its quite simple.
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