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  1. drsnipe


    theres still that bug that throws you up in the sky when you sometime exit cars
  2. i see your point, but then they should do a gi wipe to balance all players. and since ther are less zombeis you get lesser xp and money so its now harder to get skills, of course if your skills are maxed and millions of gd you dont give a fuck but its not fair for those who dont have
  3. i agree dev have done some impressive things, but that game is not survival game, i dont know why they advertise themself as zombie survival game, "epic survival experience" its not, its misleading for new players who are looking for survival. game main focus is on pvp even in survival mod
  4. this game is bulit up to play in calns/temas, if you are solo then suit youself, ther are so many topics about removeing teams or team only BR / solo only BR, but devs dont give a fuck
  5. this is what this gmae needs, if the just release new map without separate GI then i dont see the point of it at all
  6. yea man i feel your pain, the game is same as dead to me, no point to play it anymore, just to much snipers i think the game needs a wipe, but the devs cant do it, it would ruin other players inventorys then, but i think when the new map comes out there sould be new loot system or something like that otherwise ther wont be any new players, atm theres It is not possible that the game will survive with that playerbase PS: if you have found new good game like Infestation NewZ, let me know chack out Xera: Survival
  7. i dont know is it just me or the scar seems so unaccurate even with all attacments and semi fire mode, its just useless before the patch it was good
  8. drsnipe

    BR sound bug

    glitched mp5 sd sound, it continued in main menu and stoped when i closed the game.
  9. hello there is bug in v1 map airport tower, invisible walls or something like that
  10. ignored, lol ... but really what about spread?? devs have said they will not change gameplay mechanics, and now this??
  11. skill? there are no skill needed now
  12. game is now more broken then before , god job
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