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  1. Hello Silent, Quick question about that, my side by side configuration seems to be working correctly, the error also says that the Facdrv file isn't signed and that's why it won't start, it's telling me to get a signed copy of the file, do you know how to fix that? I've tried reinstalling the game 3 times now, I'm running windows 8.1 not windows 10 btw
  2. Hi, so I just came back to the game, again after a month or 3 and the game is still not letting me into the game, it says that the facdrv is not signed and windows is not allowing it to work properly or whatever: I keep getting this window when trying to launch the game:
  3. Hi, so I just came back to the game, again after a month or 3 and the game is still not letting me into the game, it says that the facdrv is not signed and windows is not allowing it to work properly or whatever: I keep getting this window when trying to launch the game:
  4. Maybe you should do a better job at making "the experience of the new player" more "new player" friendly? PS: No offense to any mods/developers/players I have seen ingame and talked to before because not all people are bad in this community its just these few that seem to overwhelm the playerbase at the moment. BUT STILL... people join and leave the second day because some scrubs camping 5v1 on servers talking shit and killing new players... Make reputation server based, pvp servers like rockyford etc= pvp server reputation, open world servers: colorado,caliwood= open world reputation! make the rep in game mean something, you got -10000? buying the new contracts from an npc/marketplace will cost more, you have +10000? it will cost less, and make the penalty for killing a civilian player hard on people, make it so that who takes the first shot at someone will be "marked" and not able to log out for 120 seconds because people are done with these campers that kill someone and then quickly log out because they realised who they F#ed with! the reputation system needs a complete rework! Cheaters be like "Oh, look I have -750.000 rep and I'm not even veteran haha" joining pvp servers and in the top right corner seeing 1 "jennifer6000hangkipang" killing 6 people in a row headshots only with an m4 from 80-100 meters in 10 seconds is unbelievable. No wonder so many players left the game,keep leaving, and probably will leave soon. People don't mention stuff like this because they are scared the developers or mods will ban them for speaking up to them and stating their opinion about the game. I have seen players get banned on 3 accounts with the same darn names just in a different size or a $ used instead of an S and they still play up to this day, whenever you see players like this still playing you instantly leave because you know they can't do a proper 1v1 or a 3v3, you kill them, they return with a group of 8-10 to gank on your team of 3 and then talk shit that you are a "noob" or tell you to "kill yourself" because YOU are the one getting 10v1 and THEY are the "good" players? wtf is this? kindergarden? the best part is when they start using the voicechat because they dont want to get reported for "foul behaviour" or "racial slurs" because the devs cant check voicechat like the game chat through logs, and videotaping all these asshats isn't even worth it at this point! WHERE IS YOUR HONOR AND FAIRPLAY NOW? I WANT THE OLD TIMES BACK WHERE YOU COULD HAVE FUN AT THE END OF A PVP SESSION INSTEAD OF LOGGING OUT AND TRYING TO FIND PVP SOMEWHERE ELSE ON A DIFFERENT SERVER! OH WAIT NVM THAT WONT WORK BECAUSE THEY ARE ALMOST EMPTY!
  5. Cars aren't rare at all, boulder 2 car spawns and like 80% of the time they both have the car spawned, campos 3 car spawns, 70% of the time 3 of them are spawned 90% of the time atleast 1... Also, me standing behind a THICK tree and the guy just running into the front of the tree and killing me is complete sheit! You place down 6 riot shields in front of you and the guy just drives THROUGH THE DAMN SHIELDS LIKE NOCLIP what is this crap?
  6. krys101

    Weapon Statistics

    thats why I said atleast give snipers a 10-15% speed debuf, bringing a rifle like that will slow you down, a 3kg is EASY to jumpshot with and the mobility is normal, dont tell me you cant jumpshot IRL with a 3-5kg rifle, its possible and easily done, a 16kg or even 20kg LMG or sniper rifle, yeah good luck with that! This was supposed to be a looter,shooter "survival" game, well there is no survival besides getting the loot and logging out and then stashing, now its just playing against thais,russians and macro sheitkids!
  7. krys101

    Weapon Statistics

    Yeah! NO JUMPING WHEN USING SNIPER RIFLES! maybe even give a speed debuff of 10% because I'm done with players standing behind walls, jumping and noscoping you from 300 meters, It's bullsheit! Make snipers have a tactical feel, placing yourself in a position to snipe, no "rush and quickscope" its not realistic in any way and all these guys using macros for quickscopes is just unbelievable!
  8. krys101


    if u will make it cosmetic then make it 0% protection and also, why make it cosmetics when you've already got the k.style helmet mask skins... makes no sense to me >.>
  9. krys101


    Then make them atleast wearable? cuz k.style is the only META in this game, no other helmets are being used unless its a bambi who doesnt know how to pvp ._. all armors besides the guerilla and heavy are useless.
  10. krys101

    Hot Bar

    How about the GI sorting button D: so we dont have to spend HOURS on a weekend sorting our GI when we could click on a button to reload ALL guns and stack them all onto a spot and then move them around to the spot we want them to be in?? there should be a "edit gi item location" turn on/off button so you can change and then SAVE your GI look and then there should be a stack all guns and stack all ammo button aswell as a reload all weapons button... PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN I have 50 days on a character I can tell you right away 4 of those days are just sorting GI....
  11. v1= better loot, more zombies,better locations for pvp, better graphics wise and nostalgic v2= pvp only at nato,boulder or campos (complete horsesheit) and tower camping in nato. give us half v1 half v2 and give us a v1 AR ONLY server .... caliwood isn't as fun as v1 AR only!
  12. So you are saying its pumped with life atm? no offense, but many active clans stopped playing completely lately... I recognize like all the players in the game who pvp atm because its just 4 different clans, and then random thai players... We don't want to sound racist but they did ruin the game for EU Besides, new players cant handle the pvp, there should be a tutorial on what to look for, how to play and how to get a good stash of loot running and maintaining... new players think "oh sheit an uzi, NOICE Imma use that" *gets sniped from 400 meters with a 360 quickscope of an svd by the player named jessica4444* new player: WTF how?! *sees the "jessica4444" teleporting over the map because of 500ping* You can't deny it forever guys ._. The pvp is broken for new players, macros are allowed, people can even snipe you with an ar with NO attachments from 90 meters in a matter of 1-2seconds... and the 10hours on beginner servers dont really help if they dont even know what to do...
  13. A reshade would be better but yeah the option would be nice! You would have to redo all the graphical points in all maps tho because some maps are more flourished and coloured like v1 and caliwood while v2 is a bit more gruesome!
  14. Hello survivors! I know this has been posted millions of times but I still want to remind everyone of a pretty big issue in this game that is very time consuming... SORTING YOUR GLOBAL INVENTORY! Who hasn't had the moment in his pvping career when he logged out of the server to store his lootscore of his time pvping and just sat there waiting about 30 seconds for a loadout to load?! or to stash your gear? or just take 1 extra medkit into your inventory which just took 20 seconds?! EXACTLY, WE ALL HAD THIS MOMENT AND IT CONTINUES TO GROW WITHOUT US THE PLAYERS TAKING HOURS UPON HOURS ON OUR WEEKENDS TO SORT OUR GI JUST SO IT TAKES A LITTLE LESS TIME TO TAKE THAT EXTRA PAINKILLER INTO YOUR INVENTORY OUT OF YOUR GI FOR YOUR NEXT PVP SESSION! We seriously need a sorting button! These are some ideas I have for remaking the Global Inventory and adding some extra options: 1> Unskinning weapons and gear is already an option in the GI, why is skinning stacks of items not possible? Please make it possible! 2>Moving items inside of your global inventory (in stacks)! Who doesn't want to move and rearrange his global inventory so it looks how YOU want it to be? Have that m4a1(3456x) on the first spot in your Global inventory instead of scrolling down 2 millions of years just to find it Please make moving items in your GI possible! 3> A unload / reload all option/button in the Global Inventory: you have 30 unloaded ARs? and 363 loaded ones? then you have like 80+ with random ammo counts? click on the AR type you want to unload/reload then press "unload all" then wait a couple of seconds> then select the ammo type and stack clips > and again select your AR type and press on the "reload all" button! ALL WHILE INSIDE THE GLOBAL INVENTORY/ MENU SCREEN (not having to move anything in and out of your characters inventory!) HOW CONVENIENT! 4> make unskinned weapons/gear in your GI be stackable if moved ontop of the same gear/item Type! Who hasn't unskinned a few m4a1s just to see that you now have 3 different stacks of the same exact weapon.... (THIS GOES TO POINT 1 AND 2, it could be interpreted inside those 2 options already ) THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ AND POST SOME MORE SUGGESTIONS! We all want a better and more fast paced experience ingame so why not make it possible! -Krys101 from The Saviors P.S. : Thank you for the already GREAT game devs! We all want to make it GREATER
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