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  1. Hi @HororoH, https://discord.me/page/thenewz
  2. I agree that having some only FPP servers would be something nice to have for every game modes.
  3. Awesome job on the game and in the Devblogs. I really appreciate the quality and effort you put in those Devblogs Svena. Thanks and Keep up the good work.
  5. Thank you Svena69 as usual. So everyone should be happy to learn that I guess
  6. Hey thanks for the explanation, I get your point now and it makes sens. The only thing I wonder is if the Skinboxes replace normal items on the Super Zombie's loot, or if it's just like an extra item added to it... ?
  7. Ok, so when Drekati got enough skins, it's time to remove the SkinBoxes Is it about trading and you're loosing money if the Skinboxes still spawning ? Sorry, but I'm not sure where it hurts you that much so you want them to disappear.
  8. Maybe you got confused like I was, cause where you live, in winter time there is snow, so since the snow has been removed you thought that the Winter Skinboxes should have too. At no place it is written that the Winter Skinboxes are part of the Christmas Event Loot too.
  9. Yeah, my bad. Guess I've been caught in the "flow" of a previous post and misunderstood the "Christmas event loot" in conjonction with the snow removal. So where are the "Spring Skinboxes"
  10. Same on Open World private servers. Got 1 Winter skin box about 2 hours ago and another guy 1 hour ago.
  11. Asking to unban all cheaters just to be unbanned yourself... That's selfish and it shows that you don't care enough about the game and / or it's community IMO.
  12. EricR

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year 2018
  13. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the game (~80 hours) and I have only played Open World game mode on a PVE server, but I like it so far and this update seems nice. Thanks to the devs. Here's my feedback on some of the changes: - I'm not sure in what it is relevant to be able to see teammates' 3D markers from the other side of the map ? It's kind of annoying in some situations and the marker on the map was enough IMO. Even worst when that marker isn't accurate at all sometimes (bug). - On the top right corner of the page where we chose the game mode, the "+" icon to the left of our name (invite friends' button) makes me think it's to manage my accounts rather than to invite friends to join... The icon in the "Community" tab for "Friends" would be more "appropriate"I think. - New friends system... No notification sounds makes it hard to get notified by friends and even more when sending an invite from the Home Page. Not being able to access other characters names of friends or the map they are playing on, I'm not getting it. Could you explain that choice ? - Overall, vehicles are way more enjoyable to drive, less hits sounds and the camera's controls (zoom, rear view and rotation) now feel like they should.
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