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  1. Capn

    home market

    This happens if you haven't selected a gamemode, in this screenshot if you've already gone on to open world and you still can't see anything in the marketplace, i'd suggest submitting a ticket to support @ http://playnewz.com/support.php
  2. Capn

    "Vet" tag

    I believe it's only available to accounts created before the steam release of the game.
  3. If you didn't end up changing back to IPV4, this is the only reason you'd be having this problem. As Svena said, NewZ doesn't support IPV6 yet so that'd be the reason for your connection troubles on some servers.
  4. To change to IPV4 from IPV6, go into your control panel and find the network/sharing center. Once there find 'Change Adapter Settings' and open up the properties for your adapter, and navigate to the networking tab (should be open by default). scroll down and look for the lines ending in TCP/IPV6 and TCP/IPV4, make sure to uncheck the ipv6 while keeping ipv4 checked. Hope this helps
  5. Only thing I can think of is a quick router reset, or modem if you're using a wired connection. Other than that i'd ping google to make sure you aren't having any unexpected ping spikes.
  6. That small red crossed out 200 indicates that you aren't able to join that server if your latency is over 200. However if your ping is as low as 20 theoretically you shouldn't have any issues.
  7. If this is the first occurrence, it could be possible that the recent update didn't properly download for you or something. If you didn't already try running as admin, rebooting pc, etc you could try to verify your game cache on steam if that's where you downloaded it. If all else fails i'd try a fresh install of the game.
  8. I think what svena means by 'ghosting in' is when you disconnect from a server, and reconnect to the same server without grabbing/depositing anything in your GI, your spawn does not reset, and you spawn in the exact same location as you logged off, minus the spawn protection.
  9. Hi, After playing this map a couple of times, I can instantly tell you the map is far too large, and if you ask me there isn't much of a point making your 'biggest map ever' if its entirely empty. First game started with my spawn being in the top left corner, and although the game started with roughly 80 people, it dropped down to the final 10 in around 3 minutes. The rest of my experience was spent running toward the middle of the safezone, and 15 or so minutes later when i finally got there, the flag was unsuprisingly in the middle of an open field, and still no loot or buildings to be found. If the map is going to be as big as it is, cars should be more accessible and random spawns should be scattered throughout. I understand and like the idea of Arizona; everyone spawns around one side/corner of the map, and the sz closes in on that specific part of the map, emulating the feel that that this one map is divided into multiple different maps, however players on this map are wasting their time more than anything with all the running that has to be done. If I continue to test the map, I'll be sure to record the first moments of the game to showcase the fact that the majority of the server also spawns in 2 different spawn points, only meters away from eachother. (Again I'm only speaking on the top left part of the map, haven't gotten around to playing the rest of it just yet.)
  10. Hi, I'm trying to buy a K Style Wizard, Fredaikis' K Style, and Heavy Armor Toxic. If you have any of these skins, feel free to comment on my steam profile @ https://www.steamcommunity.com/id/o-g with the item + price. Do not send me any friend requests please.
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