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  1. Flint

    Cars ruin BR

    I think the map needs to be made smaller too, less of a reason to have a car in the first place. And the games I'm in are usually 20-30 people.
  2. Flint

    Cars ruin BR

    It literally takes no skill at all to find a car at the beginning of the game and run people over the whole time. Cars are so glitchy they shouldn't be a part of PvP at all. Please take them out for gods sake. BR is supposed to be the last man standing, whoever is the best/most geared up, not whoever can steer a car for 15 minutes.
  3. Make the map significantly smaller and remove cars from BR. Also spawning on 7 people really sucks, half the time you get flash lighted to death before making it to any loot.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, still crashing. Battle Royale for the win
  5. I'll buy your Mausers and the OTS
  6. I don't know if anybody else is experiencing this or if it's a problem on my end but I don't think I have finished a BR yet. It is insane how often I crash playing on BR servers. And I hardly ever crash on any other type of server.
  7. Do the Christmas trees drop any good loot? I have been to so many and I'm only finding bags, hats, and candy canes.
  8. +1 Old sound effect for picking up items, and remove the annoying walking on snow sound. It's not good.
  9. Rate your skill level from 1-10: 8 Rate your G.I from 1-10: 7 Country: USA Age: 21 Real life name: Brendon Teamspeak 3 and mic: Yes and yes How many hours do you play daily? I'm on break from school so when am I not playing really How long have you played the game? Since alpha Why do you want to join whc1? Running into groups of 3/4 is getting old as a solo player. Anything else you want me or us to know? I have 9 toes
  10. I am looking for an english speaking clan to PvP with on Colorodo, I'll play anywhere just tired of going at it solo. I'm 21 years old, mature, and have a lot of experience. I have a good GI, I don't loot whore, know my call outs. I can use teamspeak or discord. If you are looking for new members message me
  11. Flint


    I'd be interested in playing with you guys. I have a good GI, a lot of experience and speak English. Shoot me a message if you want to play.
  12. Just started playing again and solo sucks 1. I have a mic. 2. I'm 21 years old. 3. I have a pretty big GI. 4. I live in the US. 5. I can use either teamspeak or discord. 6. I have played on and off since alpha. 7. I'm not a loot whore.
  13. I just joined back if you want to play sometime. I have a lot of experience and don't want to join a large clan either.
  14. Flint


    Thanks guys!
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