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  1. There is so much potential in Survival and then u read this ...
  2. i totally agree with this post because i´m playing only survival since a half year. - no major changes - gamemode is getting slowly more and more like open world - Survival is dying slowly / every week the player base is going more down - nobody to fight anymore - remove the Invisible Backpack Skins from Survival i know they are a part of the game and players paid for them but they give you advantages and destroying a bit the Survial or old Iss feeling thats why i love this game mode when you go out with an Military / Alice Backpack you are everytime hyped because its kinda rare and many players are looking at you because they think you have something "Rare like Snipers" in your Backpack but now you cant even see a Military Backpack anymore. You can hide and camp way better now with the invisible Backpacks , laying down in the gras with invisible military backpack looting all the dead bodies and nobody can see you because there is no backpack.... Greetz from Bixa P a r a n o i d
  3. why i should loot then ? i could understand this fact in Open World
  4. Please work on balancing guns in Survival its can´t be normal that are common guns like : G36, M4, M16, AKM are better then almost all the rare guns you have to farm or you can get from the Superzombie like : Sig Sauer, Nightstalker , Redstalker, Imi Tar and more + G36 , M4, AKM and m16 are way more "overpowered" with all attachements equiped. + its just sad when you join in survival with Full Gear like Custom/Kstyle + Sig and you are getting instantly "aimbotted" by a M4 what is a common gun. Some Screenshot to show you the stats from the guns. Common guns : M4 = https://gyazo.com/6c9476849c3c372dbe86ed3425845a17 G36 = https://gyazo.com/f7f8a6e2c718a8c2be394e3234dc2d84 AKM = https://gyazo.com/c7116a0b4366a7ed4dce0e67d7c5b3ba Rare guns : Sig = https://gyazo.com/a1deaecd86ad465b5f50f177c4b02611 L85 = https://gyazo.com/3304d1342fa17a878b70339b92001d8c Imi-Tar = https://gyazo.com/099469fc169981972db6c50019d0a04a Hope the post will help and sorry for my bad english ^^
  5. Pls dont add any Private server in Survival it will drestroy the fact about "rare" loot the price for trading will drop (snipers / rare guns will be more common) You dont have the "adrenalin kick" anymore when you loot on private servers. And the Game Mode called SURVIVAL and for me private servers doesnt have anything to do with survival It would be way better if you could focus on updating this game mode "New Map, Loot, Balance Weapons" instead of bringing Private servers greetz from BIXA PARANOID p.s. sorry for my broken english
  6. Sell Heavy Armor Neon Dragon 30 Million GD , PM Me
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