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  1. If you want to join us join on TS3: killedinlibertylie.ts3brasil.com.br Talk to me there.
  2. Its wear the entire body !! Look's good !
  3. If you would be Brazilian i Recruit you, but good luck finding a clan !!
  4. I will make strong this post we need this system back !!! Vamo trazer esse sistema de volta !!!!
  5. Yeah some people told me about that system, I think it's time to come the system back, it's sounds great to trade, i know games that use Auction System to Trades is wonderful !!! Like, Agree !
  6. You're right ! Do you know why not Event on Steam Purchases too ?
  7. I understand you, different on long range and near range, strange...
  8. Nice Video !! I didn't understand too but good rap.
  9. You talking that you can't place the locker on the same spot that you saw on another private server ? Maybe it's different locker, it's GI locker or Personal Locker ? Can be this, or maybe the spot is not able to place a locker.
  10. This is normal, you kill the zombies, log out, come back in 5 min and the zombies will be there again !
  11. Nice Feedback ! When i played BR the radiation was cool, good to play, i tanked 1,5 min but was on the end, died
  12. So the diagrams are right, could you see about the Loadouts ? They take wrong item, not the saved one. It's not only me that's having these problems... You should look at GI organization, If you repply me tell me too about the Trading Lounge Send to GI Button when right clicking first weapon, that was so much easier to clip weapons and send to gi and take again more. Good job !
  13. Seems to dont mean that fire faster, it is what is shown on diagram, but any doubt send a ticket on support, https://www.playnewz.com/support.php
  14. Send a ticket on https://www.playnewz.com/support.php They can help you faster there.
  15. Utopia

    BR : Gun loader

    I understand you, you telling that to dont need to open inventory and apply clip [40] or [60] using a [30] clip in the gun. Right ?
  16. Dont forget to announce on Discord too, Invite link: https://discord.gg/5v9pWf
  17. If you having lag disabling item physics can help you.
  18. Create a ticket on https://www.playnewz.com/support.php
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