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  1. If you want to join us join on TS3: killedinlibertylie.ts3brasil.com.br Talk to me there.
  2. Its wear the entire body !! Look's good !
  3. If you would be Brazilian i Recruit you, but good luck finding a clan !!
  4. I will make strong this post we need this system back !!! Vamo trazer esse sistema de volta !!!!
  5. Yeah some people told me about that system, I think it's time to come the system back, it's sounds great to trade, i know games that use Auction System to Trades is wonderful !!! Like, Agree !
  6. You're right ! Do you know why not Event on Steam Purchases too ?
  7. I understand you, different on long range and near range, strange...
  8. Nice Video !! I didn't understand too but good rap.
  9. You talking that you can't place the locker on the same spot that you saw on another private server ? Maybe it's different locker, it's GI locker or Personal Locker ? Can be this, or maybe the spot is not able to place a locker.
  10. This is normal, you kill the zombies, log out, come back in 5 min and the zombies will be there again !
  11. Nice Feedback ! When i played BR the radiation was cool, good to play, i tanked 1,5 min but was on the end, died
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