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  1. Game feels like its become a huge gimmick/money grab to an extent. Not to hate, but I have been playing ISS emulators for a long time. ISS since it came out in beta. This game since it came out originally as an EMU. This game has seen better days and it makes me sad to see monetization drive it into the ground. I used to have so much passion for this game, and it's been utterly lost.
  2. Hey its ya boi M1 Abrams, can I join up? Been trying to get back into the game, but solo play is boring asf for me. If you need info/details/pics lmk. Ask around your admins for my name I know quite a few will know me. Hopefully I get in
  3. M1 Abrams

    Exp stuck

    Alright, well thank you very much. Hopefully it'll budge
  4. M1 Abrams

    Exp stuck

    My exp hasnt moved since it got to 2,985,850 (IN THE SKILL TREE TAB), so... explain it to me Also have you ever killed a super zombie? knobs
  5. M1 Abrams

    Exp stuck

    My exp wont go up and I should have plenty to buy golden bullets. https://imgur.com/a/pEDyX TOTAL COST of skill tree progress= 4,015,900 , out of over 11,000,000?
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