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  1. Hey Anarchy Gaming is once again recruiting members for NewZ. Some quick history of AG , We used to be the biggest clan by far in NewZ , we used to have around 30-60 members on ts for only ISS. We are an international clan who used to recruit anyone as long as you were a nice dude. We normally played at Campos, clearview , caliwood and all sorts of pvp maps. Now tho we are pretty much starting over with our recruiting, and we are mainly just playing in Caliwood, and we are looking to get some ppl onboard to play with. We are only recruiting ppl from EU/NA. What we are looking for is simple: -Nice and friendly ppl -Have some experience in the game -Gotta speak english properly -Have Premium -Stacked GI -Have Ts3 installed Well thats pretty much it , if u are interested in joining us then pm me on the forums or on discord (my username is kp57). Best regards /Kp57
  2. Kp57

    Nerf Shotguns !!

    nah ik ... i agree making a shotgun 2 shot would suck , but getting one shot by them sucks too but i think ive died by them without "expecting" them to have a shotgun .... cuz when u first fight against a guy with sniper then it becomes and ar fight and i get up close , then he switch to a shotty instead cuz thats way easier .... but i dont like playing like that ^^ but ye i guess its only opinions well fuck it
  3. Kp57

    Nerf Shotguns !!

    YE idk i get ur point aswell and its solid , but i dont agree "they are rarely used" ,cuz every single guy i kill nowdays are having an aa12 in their backpack and everytime u get to close to ppl they pull a shotgun and play "get close to me or i wont fight u" game .....
  4. Kp57

    Nerf Shotguns !!

    ye well fuck it then ^^ its just very lame when ppl play like that , there is nothin u can do really ... takes away alot of the "skill" in the game when ur just gonna sit and one shot ppl with shotguns , very unbalanced if a guy dosnt have a shotgun ... lol , well whatever it is what it is then i guess
  5. Kp57

    Nerf Shotguns !!

    well idc if ur bambi or low geared and u get one shot ... but if u run around full skilltree and heavy armor and get one shot by a shotgun to the chest but u cant do the same close range with a sniper thats pretty stupid and boring
  6. Kp57

    Nerf Shotguns !!

    that wasnt really my point tho ... but ye whatever u say ^^
  7. I think u should really nerf the shotgun damage, up in close combat pvp i think i get one shot by a shotgun 50% of the time on officials. Its not fun tbh , i can go in and noscope someone in the chest with a sniper and then he shoot back with a shotgun and i die instead .... makes no sence imo , just make them not one shot and that would fix it , if u cant kill him after he shot u once then 2 bad but having a fight and with someone and he pulls a shotgun on u is just lame !
  8. Kp57

    KP57 montages

    Here go check out my montages enyoy https://www.youtube.com/user/MegaKP57/featured
  9. I sell Vss chrome 12m
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