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  1. I don't think that u will get more gd.
  2. Hey there. My name is Michael and I would like to announce that I'm looking for a players to my new clan. Communication is the key so I got my own boosted discord server. I'm 22 years old. Would be nice to play with somebody in this mode. Requirements: - discord ( working mic ) - at least 18 years old - english language - good behaviour Waiting for ur applies here.


    Option to enable and disable blood should be added to game settings. That would be really nice. Environment quality is kinda annoying thing. Higher grass makes fps drops.
  4. I just wants to ask why there is no in game menu votes? Votes are really nice and it would be added back to the game. For example: Sprint has been added to the game, after some time I can vote in game menu if I like it or not.
  5. I want to say that removing added sprint is really bad. It was great for farming season pass and now I have to play more and more. I liked the new sprint.
  6. So how is it possible to not get any tech skinbox. I was farming a lot zombies and I got over 600 toilet paper.
  7. Everything is nice but where are the tech skinboxes for toilet paper collect event?
  8. I have the same issue when I leave the car. Sometimes I'm underground
  9. This problem also appears on premium servers.
  10. Hey. I just wants to inform that people who bought premium cannot loot or farm cuz of agressive players that kill everyone. My suggestion is to make premium servers as PVE. Another suggestion is to make cars unbreakable by players but breakable only by zombies. Would be also nice to add more premium servers.

    Weekend Event!

    What about toilet paper event?
  12. Hey. I just updated the launcher threw steam and it doesn't work with steam. Screenshot of it: https://imgur.com/a/qgBjMV4
  13. Fix the grenades please. When I throw the nade in front of me sometimes it goes behind me or under my feets. There is a problem with performance while driving next to the zombies or driving into towns.
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