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  1. hey lol i know you. we was in clearview the other day and me and my buddy killed you and a buddy and yall came back and kill my buddy then i killed yall again and yall still came back for more and killed us finally. unless that was a different person named kotaz
  2. hi im looking for a survival clan. im american and i speak only english. im a chill dude. i have lots of open world stuff and that makes it boring and i have a decent gi in survival and well i play mostly survival now n days sooo im looking for a clan thats mainly based on that. i have been playing since the game was called the war z and i have decent skill in pvp. i dont pvp very much but i will.
  3. i dont care who you are, as long as you dont have a squeaky voice lol. i just need some people to go around big maps with and pvp for either fun or take their loot.
  4. me? im looking for a group too invite me in.
  5. i'd like to join please, i have lots of experience, a nice inventory and i play a lot.
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